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what a bunch of…

Fill in the blank. If those people came by my perfectly manicured lawn and took a crap in it in the middle of the day like they did to the frickin Queen of England I’d be extraordinarily pissed. But, while my lawn is nowhere near perfectly manicured, I’ve been reading up on such a thing, and have an idea of what a massive chore requiring planning, knowledge, and perseverance it is to maintain an exquisite garden. via TBOGG.

The Power of Ignorance

I generally spell pretty alright. But I’ve found that with spelling in blogs, my best search engine draws happen when I mispell. Take this article. It was my first real draw. It was brief and lame, but they flocked to it. And now this one, that I wrote July 1st has been my top googlor ever since then by a long shot. Unfortunately, I find that sad on many levels. How many kids are there thinking they need ritalin because their friends are on it and they’re sucking down sugar water and sugar cereal and, like me, can’t even spell it.

light days

lots to do, and heading out for thxgiving soon, so like last week I’ll probably be light blogging till next monday.

Polyphonic Spree

Went and saw the Polyphonic Spree the other night. It was a really cool show, with a wide variety of acts. The opener was an acordian player who sounded somewhat like Meatloaf, and told tales like Jack Black, while I probably wouldn’t rock out to it in the car, I quite enjoyed his set. He played an amazing We Are the Champions cover (most tunes were original). The second band, The Sleepy Jackson, was fantastic. They were extremely tight, and blended some good hard tunes with some mellow riffs and psychedelic jams beautifully. They’re out of Australia, a country which has been producing some great music recently (read Jet). And then there was the Polyphonic Spree. What a fantastic, inspiring show they put on. I counted 25 on the stage. people that is…harp, keyboards, choir, flute, horns, and more, plus your standard rock band. It was happy music, and they were up there because they loved it. While my personal taste runs more towards The Sleepy Jackson, the Poly’s were great. Loud, thick, very well arranged, catchy, inspiring, all sorts of stuff. And really cool was that before they came on, they had a ‘fantastic local talent’, a throat singer, come on and jam for 5 minutes or so. How cool was that? The layers of noise this one guy created were amazing, with the familiar gutteral noise, and behind it a resonant wave, rising and falling with body movements. Thanks to friends W and L for hooking us up on this one!

Freddy Adu

He’s going pro, to play with DC United next year. And so continues the media’s facination with speculating on the very young. Good luck, Freddy, make a good thing of it.

pink meat product

argh! I’ve gotten on someone’s happy list, and they are spamming the heck out of my comments. Take it to Hawaii, they love it there, jerks! But anyway, I’m trying to figure out a solution. One is to have a little image with some text in it, and then you, the commenter would need to type that text into a field, like a password, but public, just something the spambots can’t replicate. I’ll be devoting blogging time to clearing out the cruft and implementing a solution soon.

protectin’ the rep

Busily making P Diddy look like a lonely guy, GWB maintains a hearty entourage. No wonder we’re running a deficit, it has nothing to do with tax cuts.

Front of the class

I love how the right-wingers bash the liberal Hollywood actor set, but as soon as they identify a right wind spokesmodel, they hype them as much as possible and make them their poster-child (and governor, or president).

Spank Bush

This is pretty sweet. Props abrichar.

Plame, but dirty instead of dangerous

Can anyone out there turn this into a statement that contains meaning? It certainly strains my suspension of disbelief. And we never heard from it again. While we’re at it, let’s consider deeply this paragraph from the liberal media:

Californians, angry over a flagging economy and disenchanted with Democratic Gov. Gray Davis, cut short his second term by recalling the career politician less than a year into his second term and selected Schwarzenegger from a field of 135 candidates to succeed him.

135 candidates? Maybe true, but no need to highlight them since it was a field of 1, with Bus*monte a distant maybe second. And the career politician comment? True, I don’t care, but why stick that there?

on man

An interesting little rant from Kim du Toit on The pussification of men. While I don’t agree with much of what he says (particularly tying with politics and such), some of it is actually pretty well stated, if not bigotted and harsh, but oh well, I think that’s much of his point. via Seething.

Good times

All my blogland friends are invited. Dave and I are having a party at Dave’s place (kinda co-bday, but not really it’s just an excuse, party).

no honor

bastards. So, via Atrios the Senate’s vote on the 87bil was unrecorded. Some ten bothered to show up. The rest, we don’t know how they voted. Cowards. These men should all be fired. Like GWB, they are all fired in my mind. Ron, I fire you. Gordon, I fire you. George W., I fire you. Dick, you go out with GWB, you may control him from his coattails, but you’re fired too. They could’ve at least had the cajones to indicate who was donating out future to the profiteers. Or shown up. Oh, whatever.

hey jerk on the bike 2

“Hey, what’re y’all doin’ in the bike lane for?”

I commute on bike. I’m not die-hard…I’ll drive in if I feel like it. The number 2 in the title suggests that I’ve talked about this before. Well, I have, and my basic point was don’t be a jerk, it’s not necessary, they’re not out to get you. But then sometimes I ride, and as nice as it is to be on a bike, some guys just wreck it.

Riding home last night I was passed by a car. Ahead I could see some folks on bikes with those third-wheel baby carriers trailing. The car caught up with them, and slowed down, as they were stretch across the road, as phalanx. This is like five or six people on bikes. Three of the split off to a different road, but the other 3 continued on their business, blocking the road, the car patiently tooling behind them. I caught up and was stuck behind them as well, even after the car’s route diverged. A right and a left (this is near N Vancouver and Russell), and our little train was ahead of the splitted group, which caught up, and I was convoyed. I slowed to pass and swung around into the street…at this time, they actually were in the bike lane, which is when I heard, as I quickly passed, “Hey, what’re y’all doin’ in the bike lane for?” I’d already been offended by these guys. Jesus, there’s no statement there, you’re just pissing people off, and you’re gonna get some bicyclist killed sometime, or ruin the commute for the rest of us. Critical Mass is one thing (still not entirely sure how I feel, but at least they’re making a statement), but you’re just being a jerk.

Sign me up!


demanding ads

I just reponded to an evite, and after I submitted the site redirected me to an ad (“brought to you by our sponser”). The funny thing was that just an image came up (HP, somethin somethin), but on the sidebar in poorly wrapped text was a demand that I obtain the latest Flash (not available for my Sun box, nor my Linux box, btw) in order to experience their ad. This seemed ludicrous. Can you imagine if while watching TV, and ad just went to a picture with a message saying that to properly view this ad your television must be 27″ or greater…please visit Fry’s and fix this problem. Or a radio commercial going to a test signal, with some monotone lady admonishing you to invest in surround sound because without it you’re not worthy of their jingle? Crazy world.

Happy Pencils

A nice artistic site, Happy Pencil by the guy that’s done a lot of Tool artwork. The lite side is the store (support the artist if you like), and the dark side is the fun, with art, games, and more. via Kieran.