back from CA

oi…I’m back from my California trip. It was pleasant, but we got stuck at the Siskiyou pass coming into Oregon. It was an adventure worthy of an entry, so you’ll hear about it. woo. In the meantime, here’s a little twitcher from the Dept of Homeland Security, vi Abrichar, beware of people carrying almanacs. That probably includes Thomas Guides, beer lists, and the Guiness Book of World Records.

Bridgeport Ebenezer

Deeply amber-hued, Bridgeport’s Ebenezer is a smooth ale to swallow, which is nice considering it’s 6.8% abv. Possessing an almost smoky bitterness to it, the flavor is complex, with hints of a number of spices subtly flavoring this beer, and leaving a pleasant spicy aftertaste that moves around the tongue and leaves my mouth seeking another sip. The lightly hopped, sweet aroma is not forward about the tastes it precedes, but hangs around to complement the flavors nicely. I know that the brewery has Ebenzer on cask right now, and while not having sampled it in that manner I’d guess that that is the best way to do it. As the carbonation is light already, the smooth product of the cask I imagine to be exemplified by Ebenezer as another ‘right way’ to enjoy it apart from Guiness (did that make any sense?). However, do not allow me to lead you astray, this ale is fine by the bottle, poured into a nice German drinking glass, enjoyed alone or with friends. In fact, I’ll shortly be setting a few more to chill in my refrigerator for the guests I’m expecting. This may be the last time you hear from me until after the Christmas holiday, so I’m happy that I can leave you on such a high recommendation as this. Please, rush out and purchase a six-pack of Ebenezer, you will not be dissapointed…this one has earned a place next to the Jubel on my holiday beverage list.

Master of Your Reality

Be sure to hop onto Sony’s site and vote for the programs you’d most like to see Coming Soon; to D-V-D. I got there because I occasionally work with a nice fellow and today realized that he shares the name of one of my childhood heroes, Silver Spoon’s Ricky Stratton. So, in that internet manner, I googled, clicked, followed, and now, much more so than in a national election, I have control over my fate. I already have Under Dog, now I’m gonna help make digital Benson a reality.

Wreck The Halls

Full Sail has produced a yummy new holiday brew…Wreck the Halls. Most likely it’s a repackaging of their old one, but WtHs is in a nice big 6.5%/vol 22oz’er. Full Sail is one of Oregon’s finest large microbreweries (huh?), along with Bridgeport and Deschuttes, producing a range of tasty malted beverages. This one is quite good (it’s the 2003 reserve that I’m tipping, btw), with a rich flavor not drowned out by the lame application of a bunch of cookie flavorings. WtHs is in posession of a nice full texture, but I’m finding it to be a bit sticky for my taste…but not so much that it’s difficult to quaff the 22oz! Actually, other than the way it rides in my mouth after swallowing, I’d say that this is a fantastic ale. Enough so that I’m not going to hold the crappy website against them.

WtHs carries a nice mellow caramel flavor that rounds all the key flavor areas on the tongue. While not especially bitter, there is a bit of a bite, but not so much that somebody couldn’t transition off of Widmer’s Hef with this one. The aroma here is pretty pleasant and well-rounded, the body, as alluded to is on the hefty side with all that goo, but not overbearing in the slightest. cheers.

better use for the towel

alright, I’m tossing the towel in, so I can use it to dry off, or something else. Maybe I’ll start rat tailing people in the arses with it. But hanging onto it at the edge of the ring is senseless. I’m giving up on the Dems for now. Really. No more money, no more time, no more, ‘you can do it, guys.’ I’m done. The infighting is ridiculous. Liebermans’s spider-hole comments about Dean, this is asinine. Just shut the hell up and go burrow somewhere, Joe. You’ve lost. You never had a chance. And you were a crappy running mate before. All you jerks. You’re driving me out. I may be registered independent, but 90% of my votes went Dem. At least the Republicans can build a plan of action. You spend all your freakin time coddling, crying, or defacing. I have been a Dean supporter, or dark horse Kucinich (maybe still), but I’m out. You bunch of sirens, get on O’Reilly, and listen to his one bit of wisdom. Shut up. Maybe some of my wise blogland friends can help me, but I’ve lost faith.

in the immortal words

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from prezzo it’s that boasting produces results. My article yesterday was sort of my own personal ‘Bring. It. On.’ to the vast potency of mother nature and the oil companies carrying her leash (right?), so of course it was still dry outside when I got on my bike to ride home. Which was right before my pager went off. And I went back into the office. When finished there, I got outside just as the first drops were hitting the ground. “Ride fast!” I told myself, “You’ll beat the rain,” which of course was not the case. I have mostly good raingear (jacket/bag) but opted out of wearing my ski pants in favor of the dry-seeming pants I have, whose true function is to stick to ones thighs when wet, dutifully passing the moisture in a most sieve-like manner. I stopped and put on my booties (arhh…a word implying untold hardiness) while convincing the bus driver through nods and jerks that I wasn’t waiting for a ride, despite my location inside the bus shelter. It turned out to be a pretty alright ride so I think that whatever I’ve picked up from prezzo is gonna git me far. And I won at poker, so anything that I’ve done leading up till now was merely necessary action leading up to the victory that I truly deserved.

Ten more days

and then the days start getting longer again. Is it just me or has this been a really dry fall here in beer drinker’s paradise?

foiled again.

In what will likely become an annual event, I was going to write about Jubelale tonite (that’s what I’m drinking) but I checked, and ooops, I already had. So check that one out, or quit wasting valuable time reading this and go get some of the Jubel. Deschutes does it right, and thanks to them, I spell Deschutes right like 1/3 of the time. cheers. Oh, and notice that ‘Jubel’ is generally introduced with ‘the’, sorta like the Queen’s ‘We’, it garners respect, and weighing in so smoothly at 6.7%, I’d say the respect is well-deserved…though I’m too full of myself (and it) to bother capitalizing the. (please don’t call me on the fact that the Jubel is probably the last beer I wrote about…it’s not the last one I drank. Scout’s honor)