foiled again.

In what will likely become an annual event, I was going to write about Jubelale tonite (that’s what I’m drinking) but I checked, and ooops, I already had. So check that one out, or quit wasting valuable time reading this and go get some of the Jubel. Deschutes does it right, and thanks to them, I spell Deschutes right like 1/3 of the time. cheers. Oh, and notice that ‘Jubel’ is generally introduced with ‘the’, sorta like the Queen’s ‘We’, it garners respect, and weighing in so smoothly at 6.7%, I’d say the respect is well-deserved…though I’m too full of myself (and it) to bother capitalizing the. (please don’t call me on the fact that the Jubel is probably the last beer I wrote about…it’s not the last one I drank. Scout’s honor)

  • hilsy

    Have you tried the Jubel Ale from Germany? You can get a bottle at the Edelweiss Deli and I’m Belmont Station carries it. This year the jug-like bottle has xmas scenes painted on it.