in the immortal words

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from prezzo it’s that boasting produces results. My article yesterday was sort of my own personal ‘Bring. It. On.’ to the vast potency of mother nature and the oil companies carrying her leash (right?), so of course it was still dry outside when I got on my bike to ride home. Which was right before my pager went off. And I went back into the office. When finished there, I got outside just as the first drops were hitting the ground. “Ride fast!” I told myself, “You’ll beat the rain,” which of course was not the case. I have mostly good raingear (jacket/bag) but opted out of wearing my ski pants in favor of the dry-seeming pants I have, whose true function is to stick to ones thighs when wet, dutifully passing the moisture in a most sieve-like manner. I stopped and put on my booties (arhh…a word implying untold hardiness) while convincing the bus driver through nods and jerks that I wasn’t waiting for a ride, despite my location inside the bus shelter. It turned out to be a pretty alright ride so I think that whatever I’ve picked up from prezzo is gonna git me far. And I won at poker, so anything that I’ve done leading up till now was merely necessary action leading up to the victory that I truly deserved.