better use for the towel

alright, I’m tossing the towel in, so I can use it to dry off, or something else. Maybe I’ll start rat tailing people in the arses with it. But hanging onto it at the edge of the ring is senseless. I’m giving up on the Dems for now. Really. No more money, no more time, no more, ‘you can do it, guys.’ I’m done. The infighting is ridiculous. Liebermans’s spider-hole comments about Dean, this is asinine. Just shut the hell up and go burrow somewhere, Joe. You’ve lost. You never had a chance. And you were a crappy running mate before. All you jerks. You’re driving me out. I may be registered independent, but 90% of my votes went Dem. At least the Republicans can build a plan of action. You spend all your freakin time coddling, crying, or defacing. I have been a Dean supporter, or dark horse Kucinich (maybe still), but I’m out. You bunch of sirens, get on O’Reilly, and listen to his one bit of wisdom. Shut up. Maybe some of my wise blogland friends can help me, but I’ve lost faith.

  • iggi

    i’m not wise and i can’t help you anyway…i gave up on the Dems long ago. Kucinich is still sweet, but he hasn’t got a snowballs chance of getting to the general election.

    the Dems look exactly like the Repubs in most camps. the Dr. isn’t even that great, he’s just nicely centrist. folks with a sac and who want true change are going to vote Kucinich.

  • Sean

    O-Reilly to Lieberman – “Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!”

    Remember when Lieberman just sounded “whiny”.