Wreck The Halls

Full Sail has produced a yummy new holiday brew…Wreck the Halls. Most likely it’s a repackaging of their old one, but WtHs is in a nice big 6.5%/vol 22oz’er. Full Sail is one of Oregon’s finest large microbreweries (huh?), along with Bridgeport and Deschuttes, producing a range of tasty malted beverages. This one is quite good (it’s the 2003 reserve that I’m tipping, btw), with a rich flavor not drowned out by the lame application of a bunch of cookie flavorings. WtHs is in posession of a nice full texture, but I’m finding it to be a bit sticky for my taste…but not so much that it’s difficult to quaff the 22oz! Actually, other than the way it rides in my mouth after swallowing, I’d say that this is a fantastic ale. Enough so that I’m not going to hold the crappy website against them.

WtHs carries a nice mellow caramel flavor that rounds all the key flavor areas on the tongue. While not especially bitter, there is a bit of a bite, but not so much that somebody couldn’t transition off of Widmer’s Hef with this one. The aroma here is pretty pleasant and well-rounded, the body, as alluded to is on the hefty side with all that goo, but not overbearing in the slightest. cheers.

  • Paul

    The wreck the halls is a nice one, though I concur that it tastes much like their “Wassail Ale.” For what it’s worth, my winter brew allegiance lies to the north with Pyramid’s “Snow Cap.” It’s got a nice bite (hops?) to balance out all that spicy-sweet winter brew flavor.

  • http://www.wallawalla.com Jody

    wreck the halls is a kick ass beer just like the people who make it, I spent some time with them at the fresh hop ale festival this year in yakima and they rock. they were pouring right next to us and we had plenty of samples. it is on tap here in Walla Walla, WA at the Green Lantern Tavern. if you havent had it on tap you better do so.. tnx jody