coming together

Well, despite the sucky aspects of the weather, there’ve been some really positive outcomes also. In case you’re reading this and have no idea, East Portland has been pretty much closed since Monday night. I’ve been working from home, because I can and because it’s been pretty nasty out there. So, N and I are getting a bit of the ole cabin fever. But we’re also meeting our neighbors, which is cool. Two nights ago we invited our new neighbors over for beer/scotch/wine/cocoa/kahlua, and they came by, which was way cool, and we had a great time. Then last night, we went and helped our across-the-street neighbor with a bit of shovelling, and then she helped us and gave us bread, we drank beer, and then they fed us yummy goodness at their place. That was about the first time we’d really met them so it was great. And then tonite, we heard our other neighbor shovelling her driveway, so we went and helped, and ended up doing a whole bunch of shovelling at this end of the block with her and had a good ‘ole time. It came up that we have food, but no meat, so she just called and said she’s hook us up with some burger. woohoo! Sometimes the best things can come out of the most trying times…all you have to do is keep your spirits up and your mind open.

  • Barf

    I like beer and wine, and a a mixed drink once in while. sow