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I’m posting this for my buddy Travis who doesn’t read this, so you all have to suffer for absolutely nothing. But I just saw that Feb. 28 is the Lebowski Fest in Las Vegas. I don’t know if Travis bowls or not, but that’s not what matters. I don’t know if he’s seen the movie (I’m sure he has), but that’s not what matters. What matters is that The Jesus’s bowling partner will be there, and that they’re serving white Russians. Beautiful.

  • Travis, aka “Walter”

    Rick, to answer your questions… I do bowl and I have seen The Big Lebowski. I saw it the first time when I was living out of a hotel in Manhattan Beach, not too far from The Dude’s stomping grounds of Venice. It would change my life. Luckily, Showtime showed it just about every night and soon I was reciting the various lines to my friends. I then purchased it and have kept it in steady rotation on the DVD player. There are some people who have been to my place 3, maybe 4 times ever and The Big Lebowski has always been playing. I must have went a year where my only drink was a “caucasian”. In fact, I would only drink them with “top shelf half and half”, much to the annoyance of many a bartender. I’d put the movie right up there on the short list with Caddyshack, Airplane, Dr. Strangelove, Annie Hall, and The Man With One Red Shoe, in terms of comedic genius. John Goodman plays Walter Sobchak masterfully. That character is absolutely amazing, along with his rants on V.I. Lenin, the price of Donnie’s urn and eyeball to eyeball combat. Great writing. Great performance.