Mars or Bust

This stuff is so cool. We’ve put A couple of really nifty toy cars on another planet. While we’re still in the stone age of interstellar travel, this is pretty huge, even though we did it before some 6 years ago. Each time, we overcome new obstacles, learn new information, and feel new victories. When was the last time that we, as a country, had something that we could collectively be excited about? We lost the international American Idol…and other than some people getting off on recent tragedies and travesties, I think it’s been since the space shuttle. There’s something about conquering space that captures the imagination and inspires people. Let’s keep these programs rolling, and despite the fact that athletes on steroids are more of a nation-wide issue than pride and achievement, we need to get the space program onto the national agenda.

  • Claire

    The Mars rovers didn’t hit my radar until earlier this week (been limiting my news intake lately). But I had the “OH COOL!” moment yesterday reading about the second one to land. I agree. We need more of this good news in our diet.

  • Mr_Mills

    This Mars news make me crazy, I like reading technology news, because they are great and you learn many from them. I looked into the pictures and it were great pictures taken. I also know for one blog, which is all about technology, you should take a look into it!