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Worly World

My Uncle, UC, sent me a story he experienced/wrote. It’s a nice little meditation on the importance of the small things and teh connectedness of life. I’m better for having read it, so (with permission) I am sharing it with you here.

worly world
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Welcome Silt

Adding Silt to my list (under altblogospheres) who is an ex-Oregonian. Referred to my views on Measure 30 as a nihilistic rant, which I particularly enjoyed ;)

Seasonings Ammendment

In a landmark announcement today, prezzo announced plans to move forward with his intentions of ramming through a new constitutional amendment. While the text of the amendment remains unclear, the its substance has been well-communicated. Disturbed after shopping at Bloomingdale’s Country Annex and noticing that the right and left boot salt and pepper shakers were available separately, prezzo declared that he needed to protect “Meals from changing forever” and that “for millenia wars have been fought over spices, so that they could accompany common iodized table salt, and now some renegade trinket manufacturers and merchants are presuming to arbitrarily change the nature of America’s most fundamental family-time.”

“Their actions have created confusion at the dinner table. At my table I always know that the Iraq shaker is pepper cuz’ it’s black, like oil, and the Columbia shaker is white, errrm, salt. I know that, my children know that.” After the conference, held at the Lincoln Bedroom Dairy Queen, prezzo peppered his fries and said that, “Government should respect every person and trinket manufacturer, but we need to, ” (looks squintily into camera), “protect the institution of the American meal.”

Winter Tastings

Barely timely, Zeros and Ones reviews some winter beer tastings that we engaged in one night not long ago.

nader thoughts

So, the land is abuzz with talk of Nader running. Sure, I don’t like the fact that he might take votes from some undetermined Demo candidate, and I’m pretty sure that he can’t win on his own, and I really strongly think that prezzo has to lose or we’re in a lot of trouble. The rest of the world may be able to forgive us as long as they know that 1) we never really elected him and 2) when we realized how bad he was, we voted him out…but if he’s elected for sure this time, then there’s going to be little turning back. But despite this, and the fact that Nader might upset a democrat victory, I still wasn’t against him running. I don’t think that he’ll pull in enough votes to matter. Greens, Indyies, Dems, everyone knows that a vote for Nader now is a vote for Bush…this time. I don’t want Nader to run now because of exactly that. The crushing that he’ll receive will work against all of the 3rd-party progress that has been made by Nader and the Greens (and Libertarians, I suppose). It will discredit them and force us more significantly into the 2-party system that groups such as these have been working against, and that I despise. But for now, we really need to work on the more significant problem at hand.

Indica IPA

A pleasant offering from the Lost Coast Brewery, Indica IPA is a little less bitter than many of its peers. Not much mind you, it still has the characteristic bite of an IPA, filling your mouth like a ginger snap. I am quite enjoying this beer, it is fairly rich, but remains light. Its scent is good, a little sweet and caramel, but it lacks depth there in a pleasant way. A golden brown in color, fairly dark for the variety, Indica is a full-bodied, heady ale whose flavor stays with you for some time after swallowing, but leaves your mouth clear, lacking the sticky residual found in some other rich beers. I have to say that this IPA is fantastic. I was working on a problem just prior to writing this article and nearly forgot myself…the beer was half-gone before I remembered my purpose of drinking it (of course, all of my beer consumption is dedicated to my reader ;).

One fine trait of the Indica is its shifting character. Lightly biting at first, it works its way through a range of flavors, attaining an ethereal smokiness, and then lunging back with its bite, then offering a bit of chocolate or caramel, always returning to the light bitterness. Overall, I recommend Indica IPA strongly. It is a fine addition to any IPA or ale rotation. cheers.

Issues and Reals

Zeros and Ones has an interesting post discussing the differences between real and issue candidates, that also has an interesting Dean perspective (just a wee bit outdated from my side, but short and good).

more backer

whew. Stupid newline. One blank line after the closing bracket in a file and the whole thing blows up. Well, all should be alright now. Yay. Please drop a line if you notice any problems.


Oh, it’s so nice to have my old look and feel back. Finally, I found both the time and the motivation to fix it. Coupla changes, but nothing big. There’s probably a hundred broken parts in the background and this post will corrupt my whole db. Life goes on.

Robot friends

Finally got around to adding Little Lost Robot to my list ‘o blogs. Check it out, another Oregon/PDX blog, and a lotta fun stuff. woohoo!

Rums Foo

nice link sent by ciaran, the many fighting styles of Donald Rumsfeld.

Save the White House

From Tair-ists. vie The Left Coaster.

geared. ungeared.

Well, I’ve been in mega-mode lately, sorry about the light postings. I’ve had a lot of little projects going on, mostly life-internal. Two of the big ones involve the house…one is that we’re trying to refinance…maybe it’ll all be well there, and we can save some dollaz. The other, far more time consuming one is that we’re actually trying to clean the place a bit. We’ve been in a bit of a sty since we moved in here, and now we’re actually trying to make it a nice place to live. Complete with chairs, which we picked up at ye olde Value Village today. I then spent about 5 hours sorting things, building things (simple pre-made plastic shelves), unbuilding things (box after box on top of box) and now the basement is a semi-passable place, besides the vast mountain of garbage that we’re scratching our chins trying to figure how to dispose of. It’s this weird process of getting something (often a gift…check back on some August/September posts), not knowing wtf to do with it, putting it and/or its packaging downstairs, and then having a river of consumerism preventing me from actually using said object that I still dont’ know wtf to do with. So, we’ve taken a bit of a no holds barred approach to ‘stuff’. I’m even feeling silly about carrying around some of them books (like 100s of lbs of tech and science stuff) because I’m actually gonna try to sell many of them at Powells. We gave away the makings of like 5 computers, some of them actually pretty decent (though none of them actually…complete). If anyone out there’s moving in the PDX area soon, drop a line, I have several good boxes that’ll be gone after Thursday. One other thing…not sure what happened, but my last post isn’t showing. It’ll probably be waiting for me when I get into work on Tuesday. I don’t work for the G or a bank, it just works out that way this time.

Disney vs. Comcast

It seems to me that there should be regulations to precent this kind of thing. Comcast should not own Disney, Disney should not own Comcast, and they shouldn’t merge either. Disney’s sphere of influence is too great already. The genius of the separate spheres of influence placed in out government need to be implemented in the business world. Instead, in a brilliant maneuver, the corporate world has been dismantling the safeguards in the government. Comcast provides cable and internet service to millions of subscribers. I’m one of them (internet, not tv), so I know they’re out there. By providing this service they have access to an enourmous amount of data on their customers, usage demographics, addresses. By acquiring one of the largest media producers in the known universe, this data can be used to dominate their competition, manipulate and monitor their users, and huge array of other abuses of power become available. We need to engage our politicians to simplify business practices, not allow them to become more entrenched, more intertwined, and more opaque. It is the only way that massive abuses can be avoided. Link via Hox.

Reasonable Doubt

Checked out the Trib’s headline today, and stopped well short of reading the article: “Porn and Handcuffs found at PU suspect’s house”. Stop the presses. Who ever considered that this is front page material? (btw, the quote is close, but it’s from memory so might be off). It’s like that nabbed it from the Onion’s throw-away bin. While not everyone has handcuffs and/or pr0n at their house, I hardly think that that’s any more newsworthy than if ‘Sheed (bye-bye, baby) had gout. Then again, I didn’t actually read the article, but I’m not planning to. Disclaimer: what happened to that girl was horrible and wrong, and if he did it, he’s a bad man, but being naughty just isn’t guilt. It’s just a dirty smear of this guy across our Puritanical little minds.

Chickens and Hawks

The headlines today are all touting how Bush is backing off the weapons claims. It’s appalling. Does nobody remember his claims last year, as if he’d seen them with his own eyes? Amazing. He’s now saying that we went to war because Saddam was a bad man. Once again, I’m down with that…Saddam is a bad man who was bad for his country and the world may well be better without him. But the preemption doctrine was a bad stone to turn, and history will not be kind to Bush, and probably the United States as a whole. I am curious to see the studies…and in 2003 the United States, through courage and tenacity, was able to conquer an inferior and nonagressive foe. Don’t get me wrong, Saddam was a bad man, and if prezzo had pursued even a modicum of diplomacy in solving the problem like get the UN behind this instead of declaring it a useless and antiquated organization, getting our allies behind us instead of alienating them, and allowing the weapons inspectors to continue what they were doing instead of claiming that they were being stone-walled.

So, what’s come to mind is this whole chicken/beef/asia thing, with them banning US products at the first hint of trouble. I guess it’s the only way to strike back, to express their displeasure. Civil Disobedience, vote with dollars, money where your mouth is, all that biz. That and the fact that prezzo is for all industries regulating themselves, which is horse manure. What do we expect them to do. It’s the proverbial middle finger. And we deserve it…the whole world will have theirs up if prezzo is reelected.

beer drinker abstains

I was too conflicted on Measure 30. I support all of the great things that our tax money goes to, and was quite against (still am!) prezzo’s ludicrous tax cuts. More irresponsible than ludicrous. But, I’ve voted for this tax and that and bonds and said yes, and all the while, rural Oregon is voting them down and causing havock in Salem and generally making things worse than they need to be. Don’t get me wrong…the metro area does its fair share of screwing up and waste, but in this case, my theory was to just let them reap what they sow. If they want to sow nothing, then hell, we passed that county tax last year, so we should be in the clear. And to take my apathy one step further, I don’t have any frickin kids, and while I support education and educators, I’m goddamn tired of the hassle I get to take my dog to the park…get off it. If 30 fails, maybe we’ll all get nothing. But there won’t be anyone around to ticket me for taking my dog to the park. I expect that a lot of people are in my position. Honestly, if it passes (and it didn’t look good from what I saw earlier), I think that’s better than if it fails. But I decided to wash my hands of this one, except this little rant. Oh, and I’m hoping that ‘beer drinker’ in the header there improves my google rating. woohoo.

It does make me sad though, that we can’t get it together to keep these programs alive. Our roads are falling apart. The Oregon Health Plan is failing, falling victim to righty lack of vision and bitterness (though I’ve been of a mind it’s been too sweet and too narrowly focused). Major battles are taking place, school years shortened. We have to figure it out. Every year this has been an issue…this has been going on for years, and there’s been no solutions proferred. Maybe this will be the year. Or maybe we’ll be too busy covering our asses and building the Pearl District to notice or care. Anyway, I’ve just come onto the bitter pessimistic mindset the the people who need it most turn it away, while the people who need it least support it (well, I think a lot gave up this time). So I stayed out of it. Rock off.