Worly World

My Uncle, UC, sent me a story he experienced/wrote. It’s a nice little meditation on the importance of the small things and teh connectedness of life. I’m better for having read it, so (with permission) I am sharing it with you here.

worly world
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Seasonings Ammendment

In a landmark announcement today, prezzo announced plans to move forward with his intentions of ramming through a new constitutional amendment. While the text of the amendment remains unclear, the its substance has been well-communicated. Disturbed after shopping at Bloomingdale’s Country Annex and noticing that the right and left boot salt and pepper shakers were available separately, prezzo declared that he needed to protect “Meals from changing forever” and that “for millenia wars have been fought over spices, so that they could accompany common iodized table salt, and now some renegade trinket manufacturers and merchants are presuming to arbitrarily change the nature of America’s most fundamental family-time.”

“Their actions have created confusion at the dinner table. At my table I always know that the Iraq shaker is pepper cuz’ it’s black, like oil, and the Columbia shaker is white, errrm, salt. I know that, my children know that.” After the conference, held at the Lincoln Bedroom Dairy Queen, prezzo peppered his fries and said that, “Government should respect every person and trinket manufacturer, but we need to, ” (looks squintily into camera), “protect the institution of the American meal.”

nader thoughts

So, the land is abuzz with talk of Nader running. Sure, I don’t like the fact that he might take votes from some undetermined Demo candidate, and I’m pretty sure that he can’t win on his own, and I really strongly think that prezzo has to lose or we’re in a lot of trouble. The rest of the world may be able to forgive us as long as they know that 1) we never really elected him and 2) when we realized how bad he was, we voted him out…but if he’s elected for sure this time, then there’s going to be little turning back. But despite this, and the fact that Nader might upset a democrat victory, I still wasn’t against him running. I don’t think that he’ll pull in enough votes to matter. Greens, Indyies, Dems, everyone knows that a vote for Nader now is a vote for Bush…this time. I don’t want Nader to run now because of exactly that. The crushing that he’ll receive will work against all of the 3rd-party progress that has been made by Nader and the Greens (and Libertarians, I suppose). It will discredit them and force us more significantly into the 2-party system that groups such as these have been working against, and that I despise. But for now, we really need to work on the more significant problem at hand.

Indica IPA

A pleasant offering from the Lost Coast Brewery, Indica IPA is a little less bitter than many of its peers. Not much mind you, it still has the characteristic bite of an IPA, filling your mouth like a ginger snap. I am quite enjoying this beer, it is fairly rich, but remains light. Its scent is good, a little sweet and caramel, but it lacks depth there in a pleasant way. A golden brown in color, fairly dark for the variety, Indica is a full-bodied, heady ale whose flavor stays with you for some time after swallowing, but leaves your mouth clear, lacking the sticky residual found in some other rich beers. I have to say that this IPA is fantastic. I was working on a problem just prior to writing this article and nearly forgot myself…the beer was half-gone before I remembered my purpose of drinking it (of course, all of my beer consumption is dedicated to my reader ;).

One fine trait of the Indica is its shifting character. Lightly biting at first, it works its way through a range of flavors, attaining an ethereal smokiness, and then lunging back with its bite, then offering a bit of chocolate or caramel, always returning to the light bitterness. Overall, I recommend Indica IPA strongly. It is a fine addition to any IPA or ale rotation. cheers.

Issues and Reals

Zeros and Ones has an interesting post discussing the differences between real and issue candidates, that also has an interesting Dean perspective (just a wee bit outdated from my side, but short and good).

more backer

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