Chickens and Hawks

The headlines today are all touting how Bush is backing off the weapons claims. It’s appalling. Does nobody remember his claims last year, as if he’d seen them with his own eyes? Amazing. He’s now saying that we went to war because Saddam was a bad man. Once again, I’m down with that…Saddam is a bad man who was bad for his country and the world may well be better without him. But the preemption doctrine was a bad stone to turn, and history will not be kind to Bush, and probably the United States as a whole. I am curious to see the studies…and in 2003 the United States, through courage and tenacity, was able to conquer an inferior and nonagressive foe. Don’t get me wrong, Saddam was a bad man, and if prezzo had pursued even a modicum of diplomacy in solving the problem like get the UN behind this instead of declaring it a useless and antiquated organization, getting our allies behind us instead of alienating them, and allowing the weapons inspectors to continue what they were doing instead of claiming that they were being stone-walled.

So, what’s come to mind is this whole chicken/beef/asia thing, with them banning US products at the first hint of trouble. I guess it’s the only way to strike back, to express their displeasure. Civil Disobedience, vote with dollars, money where your mouth is, all that biz. That and the fact that prezzo is for all industries regulating themselves, which is horse manure. What do we expect them to do. It’s the proverbial middle finger. And we deserve it…the whole world will have theirs up if prezzo is reelected.