Reasonable Doubt

Checked out the Trib’s headline today, and stopped well short of reading the article: “Porn and Handcuffs found at PU suspect’s house”. Stop the presses. Who ever considered that this is front page material? (btw, the quote is close, but it’s from memory so might be off). It’s like that nabbed it from the Onion’s throw-away bin. While not everyone has handcuffs and/or pr0n at their house, I hardly think that that’s any more newsworthy than if ‘Sheed (bye-bye, baby) had gout. Then again, I didn’t actually read the article, but I’m not planning to. Disclaimer: what happened to that girl was horrible and wrong, and if he did it, he’s a bad man, but being naughty just isn’t guilt. It’s just a dirty smear of this guy across our Puritanical little minds.

  • alan

    I saw that headline in the free box and wouldn’t even open it to retrieve the rag. It smacks of desperation.

  • brett

    It smacks of jury poisoning. Every other street corner in downtown now screams out that the suspect is a sexual weirdo. (In the eyes of some, anyway.) Sure, he’ll get a fair trial.