Disney vs. Comcast

It seems to me that there should be regulations to precent this kind of thing. Comcast should not own Disney, Disney should not own Comcast, and they shouldn’t merge either. Disney’s sphere of influence is too great already. The genius of the separate spheres of influence placed in out government need to be implemented in the business world. Instead, in a brilliant maneuver, the corporate world has been dismantling the safeguards in the government. Comcast provides cable and internet service to millions of subscribers. I’m one of them (internet, not tv), so I know they’re out there. By providing this service they have access to an enourmous amount of data on their customers, usage demographics, addresses. By acquiring one of the largest media producers in the known universe, this data can be used to dominate their competition, manipulate and monitor their users, and huge array of other abuses of power become available. We need to engage our politicians to simplify business practices, not allow them to become more entrenched, more intertwined, and more opaque. It is the only way that massive abuses can be avoided. Link via Hox.

  • http://ojingo.beerdrinker.org Ojingo

    The Near Future….


    … where will the saturation stop?

  • http://www.hasservision.com Hasser

    Poor Walt Disney is rolling over in his cyrogenic chamber.
    All he wanted to do was have a fun, reasonably priced place for a family to go, and have
    a good time. All he wanted was to make some fun family movies.
    Now those places are filthy and outrageous… his mouse is a corporate icon… and his
    dream is dead.
    and there’s no Disney in Disney anymore.

  • http://www.beerdrinker.org beerick

    comcast must be too busy schmoozing Disney (Disnet?) to keep my service up right now. grrr.