geared. ungeared.

Well, I’ve been in mega-mode lately, sorry about the light postings. I’ve had a lot of little projects going on, mostly life-internal. Two of the big ones involve the house…one is that we’re trying to refinance…maybe it’ll all be well there, and we can save some dollaz. The other, far more time consuming one is that we’re actually trying to clean the place a bit. We’ve been in a bit of a sty since we moved in here, and now we’re actually trying to make it a nice place to live. Complete with chairs, which we picked up at ye olde Value Village today. I then spent about 5 hours sorting things, building things (simple pre-made plastic shelves), unbuilding things (box after box on top of box) and now the basement is a semi-passable place, besides the vast mountain of garbage that we’re scratching our chins trying to figure how to dispose of. It’s this weird process of getting something (often a gift…check back on some August/September posts), not knowing wtf to do with it, putting it and/or its packaging downstairs, and then having a river of consumerism preventing me from actually using said object that I still dont’ know wtf to do with. So, we’ve taken a bit of a no holds barred approach to ‘stuff’. I’m even feeling silly about carrying around some of them books (like 100s of lbs of tech and science stuff) because I’m actually gonna try to sell many of them at Powells. We gave away the makings of like 5 computers, some of them actually pretty decent (though none of them actually…complete). If anyone out there’s moving in the PDX area soon, drop a line, I have several good boxes that’ll be gone after Thursday. One other thing…not sure what happened, but my last post isn’t showing. It’ll probably be waiting for me when I get into work on Tuesday. I don’t work for the G or a bank, it just works out that way this time.