Oh, it’s so nice to have my old look and feel back. Finally, I found both the time and the motivation to fix it. Coupla changes, but nothing big. There’s probably a hundred broken parts in the background and this post will corrupt my whole db. Life goes on.

  • beerick

    I went and upgrqaded and somehow screwed stuff up…I’m happy I didn’t lose it all, methinks. so let me know if you notice anything broken. One thing…I can’t see the login page, so I won’t be posting till I get this fixed.

  • Ojingo

    obla dee ohbl dah

  • beerick

    now you got that song stuck in my head. Whatchoo doin in SF?

  • Manda

    Yay! I’m so happy you brought back the old look — I missed it. Looks great!

  • Hasser

    I love the new… old… look… thingy! Your banner is hypnotizing!!