Indica IPA

A pleasant offering from the Lost Coast Brewery, Indica IPA is a little less bitter than many of its peers. Not much mind you, it still has the characteristic bite of an IPA, filling your mouth like a ginger snap. I am quite enjoying this beer, it is fairly rich, but remains light. Its scent is good, a little sweet and caramel, but it lacks depth there in a pleasant way. A golden brown in color, fairly dark for the variety, Indica is a full-bodied, heady ale whose flavor stays with you for some time after swallowing, but leaves your mouth clear, lacking the sticky residual found in some other rich beers. I have to say that this IPA is fantastic. I was working on a problem just prior to writing this article and nearly forgot myself…the beer was half-gone before I remembered my purpose of drinking it (of course, all of my beer consumption is dedicated to my reader ;).

One fine trait of the Indica is its shifting character. Lightly biting at first, it works its way through a range of flavors, attaining an ethereal smokiness, and then lunging back with its bite, then offering a bit of chocolate or caramel, always returning to the light bitterness. Overall, I recommend Indica IPA strongly. It is a fine addition to any IPA or ale rotation. cheers.

  • Hasser

    My mouth is watering now! I want me an Indica too!
    Where is this Lost Coast Brewery???

  • beerick

    Sadly, they’re in Eureka. Website is Lost Coast. I believe I picked the 6-pack up at New Seasons (NE Killingsworth & 42nd)

  • Rama Rawal

    The label is insensitive. Its obvious that the white owners think this is their cultural turf. The beer is good. The ethics of the owners sucks. The Indian community has asked them to change the label. They won’t, so please don’t buy the beer.

  • RickDabir

    The beer is pretty good. Who care about the label. I am drinking Indica IPA only. Cool Choice!!!

  • B Jones

    I love Lost Coast. I’m drinking an Indica IPA as I type. Good beer.

    The best think about Lost Coast is the Indica IPA with their Fish and Chips.

    I think it’s time for a 6 hour drive to enjoy an IPA out of the tap. Eureka here I come.

    Indian Community? sheesh people… grow some backbone

  • Munesh

    It’s really shocking to know that this company would have an ad of the Hindu God Ganesh. I respect all religion and cultures that make up this diversify world we live in. Further more it is sad to know, that educated people of this company would make such a dicision to have an ad of this nature that disrespects the hindu community at large. Finally since this company is not taking any action to remove this label, I have no other choice but to fight this case in court, even if it takes the highest level of law of this country U.S.A .

  • Shea Pepper

    Munesh I respect your opinion, but see the situation differently. The label is as beautifully drawn as the beer is artistically made. Why do you view this particular piece of art as disrespectful?