nader thoughts

So, the land is abuzz with talk of Nader running. Sure, I don’t like the fact that he might take votes from some undetermined Demo candidate, and I’m pretty sure that he can’t win on his own, and I really strongly think that prezzo has to lose or we’re in a lot of trouble. The rest of the world may be able to forgive us as long as they know that 1) we never really elected him and 2) when we realized how bad he was, we voted him out…but if he’s elected for sure this time, then there’s going to be little turning back. But despite this, and the fact that Nader might upset a democrat victory, I still wasn’t against him running. I don’t think that he’ll pull in enough votes to matter. Greens, Indyies, Dems, everyone knows that a vote for Nader now is a vote for Bush…this time. I don’t want Nader to run now because of exactly that. The crushing that he’ll receive will work against all of the 3rd-party progress that has been made by Nader and the Greens (and Libertarians, I suppose). It will discredit them and force us more significantly into the 2-party system that groups such as these have been working against, and that I despise. But for now, we really need to work on the more significant problem at hand.

  • nader (not “nay-der”)

    I’d echo your sentiment about Nader – but would go perhaps one step further: Nader, who was never a member of the Green Party before his ill-fated campaign in 2000, has dumped that party and is now a “independent”. I considered (but rejected) voting for Nader in 2000 just so the Greens could get enough of the vote to earn Fed matching funds in the future. But Nader was never really commited to the Greens or their platform – he truly is an independent and I don’t think that he would be representative of any meaningful constituency. I kinda doubt his sincerity now, and I don’t think running for president is an effective way for him to further his (stated) goals