Oscar Grouching

“This is the third nomination and first Oscar for…Canada.” Beautiful. As usual the Oscars were full of ludicrousness and hijinks and whacky times watching the big hoohaas pat each other on the back. I did pretty good with predictions, only getting 3 wrong (best actor, one of the sound ones, and something else). For two I was just trying to give the whole LotR thing a rest..jesus, there’re more movies out there, what a bunch of crap. Don’t get me wrong, many of those were much deserved (director, picture, make-up, adaptaion, and more) but it everything seems a bit much. I was pulling for Bill Murray for best actor. He was fantastic in LiT, though I really like that guy from Gattaca too whose name I can never remember. But they gave it to Sean Penn, who’s come a long way since Madonna (most improved award?). I guess Bill Murray will have to settle for one of those dull Lifetime achievement segments in fifteen/twenty years.

  • http://ojingo.beerdrinker.org Ojingo

    “That guy in Gattaca” is Jude Law. I was happy with the Sean Penn award, but I don’t think that the Academy is quite ready to give Oscars to non-uber-dramatic roles yet. I was pleased that they nominated Bill Murray… it seems like an indicator that there is a gradual shift towards a broader acceptance of what is “Oscar-worthy.”