Yeah Portland!

Great news, same-sex marriages are now permitted in Little Beirut. I heard some dude griping about it over lunch. I’ve never heard an argument against that was remotely sensible to me. All that I could do was shake my head. I guess I could’ve said something, but I really wasn’t in the mood. Anyway, way to stay progressive Portland! And no, marriage is not weakened. If anything marriage is strengthened because now it’s even closer to being about love.

Updated :I like the last sentence above, so I stopped before I should have (?). So one thing that I’ve realized is that this is not about allowing gay marriages. What it is about is removing restrictions that should never have existed. Why? Because you don’t get to decide. It might drive you nuts, but like so many other things, you cannot rightly exert control over this. So hands off. It’s not your call. If your marriage, or your country-sentimental memory of your parents’s, is so delicate as to be weakened by this (rather than strengthened) then give it up. It is time to throw in the towel now and dedicate your time to something useful, like a barstool.