Autonomous Vehicles

okay, this is way cool. I hear that it’s featured in Scientific American, but I haven’t cracked mine yet. Twenty-some teams or more have assembled vehicles to race from SoCal to Vegas. Big whoop…right…there’s no driver, and no remote control. These things are given routes and waypoints, and it’s up to them to navigate. Way cool. The projects involve some tech and robotics firms, universities, and other groups of smarties. My fave so far is Red Team, I like their site. I wanted to like the Alaskans, but they didn’t offer anything in the way of photos, philosophy, or really anything more than a logo. Also, if anyone knows how to receive the satellite signal of the race, please, do tell.

  • Hasser

    Dude! I’m so going to buy one of those Roomba Robotic Vacuums and enter this race! Then I’m going to bill both California and Nevada, for cleaning up their streets as the lil’ roomba goes!! Woohooo!

  • brett

    I have a Roomba.. it rules. Set it and forget it. And unfortunately, looks like none of the competitors are going to make it. Still cool though.


  • John Forester

    We’ve formed a team for the 2005 Grand Challenge. So far, we’ve put up a web site, destroyed a vehicle, and drank some beer. Check us out at , tx, JF