movie time

An old friend was in town this weekend to show a film at the Longbaugh Film Festival at the Hollywood theater. I only saw his film, title “Never Say Die”, which wasn’t just his film but his lady-friend Katie also. It’s a documentary about a Black Sabbath cover band called Sabra Cadabra who plays out East in Jersey and/or New York. It was a fun film, with a lot of funny moments, tension, sadness, and information. You’ve probably missed your chance to see it, unless you happen to be in Maryland in early May, or they get into more festivals. Attendance at the festival was likely hurt because the weather was so good. I couldn’t imagine myself staying inside any longer than I did, and afterwards we went back to my place to BBQ. I setup a pretty good spread, with pork loin, sausages, 2 styles of chicken, salmon, corn, asparagus, and the spelt strawberry shortcake that N made. I couldn’t believe that we put such a dent in it. A good time was had by all, and D and K are back to New York. I also saw Little Lost Robot there, presumably to pick up his gigantic trophy, but didn’t say hi cuz so much was abuzz.

  • Robin

    Hey Rick & Nedra!

    Thanks again for inviting a total stranger to your home for that barbecue. I had a great time hanging out with old friends and meeting new ones. Plus, the food ruled. I wanted to pass along the names of those cookbooks I had mentioned so you can continue the weekend barbecues and never run out of marinade ideas etc. YOu can get these books at amazon, or probably powells, but I know the library has them….but you will probably just want your own copies:

    Sam Choy’s Island Flavors
    Sam Choy’s Polynesian Kitchen

    The Polynesian Kitchen is my favorite (I have 3 of his books). The recipes are really simple and *all* the salad dressings are totally good. Hope you like coconut and ginger!

    thanks again, and happy grilling!