greenroom vs. swoosh

My men’s soccer season has started back up. Our first game was Tuesday. Much fun was had, we played against Nike’s Swoosh team and fairly dominated the game. We won most 50-50 balls, were faster, and, in the end, we scored more. One of my goals this winter was to come out of it not in worse shape than I started it, which is what normally happens when I sit on my ass for 4 months. Happily, a think I succeeded pretty well, and had endurance and whatever else throughout the game, running a number of overlaps with the outside halfback (me being outside fullback). To really bring home the pleasure, (wow…I think my language patterns are really wrecked immediately after listening to this and this) I got the first assist of the season on an overlap, sending the ball from wide right to our beautiful forward, who finished it magnificently. The game went well, we put a few off of the uprights, too many…so close. They got a couple in. We got a couple more into the net, final 3-2, a fine game. And make sure you listen to the entirety of the links. And my new puter project is to make a postnuke module to help manage my teams. We’ll see, it might take awhile, but when it’s close, y’all will hear about it.