me n’ Taj

Poker night last night, some good friends were gonna be there and I had an idea. I needed a way to get the edge. To unleash a barrage, a cavalcade if you will, of devastating emotional attacks. I needed to beat down the spirit, to get the jump on the enemy. Well, knowing the enemy, Taj, I came up with a plan, simple in scope, masterful in execution.

fun taj 2
As you can see, my plan was not so subtle. And Taj was onto me, but I’d driven the wedge and the minions fell to my bidding. After his initial phase of fighting it, Taj grew weary, my ploy driven deep.

fun taj 2

  • nedra

    your pics are huge on my PC….and I don’t know if other people understand what your statements mean under the pics… just thought I’d mention it