short week

ah, the joys of the short week. I was out healthy (but sore) Monday and Wednesday. Monday I spent a lot of figuring out how an industrial sewing machine works. Figured out some of it and fixed the problem at hand. And now I know what terms like bobbin and needle mean. Tuesday evening I had a men’s soccer game, much fun, but we lost in a strange game against Thunder. Oh, well, the score was a lot worse than the game, though there were a few injuries. My dad and stepmom are in town so I took yesterday off. We had a nice day cruising aroung town…hit Nicolas’s for lunch, then cruised Reed College and Eastmoreland to see some nice plants and houses, and then, dehydrated and fading from the tasty food, we went to the Tao of Tea. That was a nice place. It’s so peaceful in there, and the tea is good too. Neither of them had ever had Lebanese food or been to a ‘tea place’ for green tea. They then took naps, while I went home to play some PS2 soccer (Winning 11 rocks FIFA, I must say), and afterwards N and I met them at Newport Bay for late happy hour grub and margaritas, finishing up back at their boat for scotch and chat. Overall a really nice week so far.