so, I’ve decided to learn a new sport this year. I’d originally thought kiteboarding, because it looks awesome (like the funnest thing in the world), but after much deliberation I’m leaning 90% towards windsurfing. Right now I’m planning to take a lesson on mid-late May. So, if anyone has any tips for me, or opinions, or just feels like typing something, leave a comment. Particularly useful would be lesson experiences, equipment buying experiences, and general woes and elations. Also, I’m looking for other novice surfing buddies to share rides/pain/pitchers with. Cheers, and happy friday.

  • nader

    I’d be up for giving winsurfing a shot – Mid/late May sounds good too (finals will be done, including the obligatory week to recover).

    Also I may be able to get a little about equipment etc (friend of a friend type stuff) – My Lady’s mgr at work and her husband are avid windsurfers.

  • Saturnino

    Why not try the wonderful sport of community volunteer work?

  • beerick

    I do some…coaching a youth soccer team. Nothing too heavy, but it’s pretty fun.

  • fusbolmaster

    Rick… I have already told you that I want to go, however a trip to Colorado is brewing and I will be able to go later in May.

  • clyde

    Windsurfing gets my vote. With the right gear and instruction you can learn rather quickly. Good Luck!