Hot Bird

Like the Phoenix, Al Gore emerges. Very good speech (lotta words to read, but it’s good!), and he pretty much stopped just short of bringing up treason.

scared kitty

Poor poor kitty.

Not sure why I had to post that (thanks to daveed for the image), but prepping for the soccer tournament, actually showing up for work, and wistfully recalling my painful day windsurfing have been occupying all of my brain cycles that I’d normally dedicate to posting all the mega-clever material you’ve come to expect from me.

windsurfing attempt 1

Got out and did the ole windsurfing lesson yesterday. It was great fun. And really friggin hard. I’d expected to be far better at it far faster than I ever was. I don’t mean that I thought I’d immediately have the ability to ‘shred’ but I thought I’d be able to zip across the lake, execute a simple turn, and come back. Lake/river/whatever it was, it was called The Hook, and was somehow associated with the Columbia River. Our instructor was Brian, of Brian’s Windsurfing. A nice guy with a funky accent, maybe Jamaican, but not like what you normally hear. He taught us the ‘clock’ method of sailing, which I fairly understood, except that I might’ve had trouble identifying and reactind to the direction of the wind.

The people in our expedition were Bill, Nader, Layne, and me. Bill manned the getaway car beautifully whilst we snacked on goldfish crackers and discussed our planned successes or realized shortcomings, depending on whether we traveled East or West. And pined at our bruises. We met at 8:30 at my place and had bagels before driving to ‘the place’. At the place, we were instructed in the rudiments of sailing and items like tacking (back tack)and standing still without falling in (long arm). Wetsuits were bestowed upon us and we cruised out to the Hook for more dryland practice, with a little theory, and then into the water for application. We all fell pretty much immediately, sometimes ending up a long long way down the Hook and getting the opportunity to rest our bodies by walking back up. I never got too good at it, and only made the circuit of going out, around the buoy, and back one time, and I didn’t quite make it around the buoy, but it was close enough for me! I also found that if I fell in, then I was unable to repeat my prior successes. Still not sure why, but I think it’s because of an inability to read the wind.

Afterwards, we headed up to Full Sail for some tasty beer and burgers, and then the tired ride back into Portland. At home I took a bath where I slept for an hour, got out and slept on the bed for an hour, and then went to bed early that night for a heavy full night’s sleep. Wow. I’ll be back in the saddle again soon.

A day in the life of

Ugh, I’ve been pretty quiet lately. Here’s a hint of why. Not that I’m complaining…it beats being bored. 6:45 woken by work,after getting to sleep after 1am, because of customer issue (no worries tho…you know who you are ;). Work problem, identify that it’s not ‘our problem’, shower, get to work late at 9:30. Work work work. Go home, pet Augie. Vote. Go to soccer practice. Get home at 8:30, cook dinner, watch 24…almost forgot! Then work on this book I’m doing technical reading for till 1am+ cuz I’ve got a deadline. Have a beer on the couch (Black Butte Porter) with the pup, read a little, and crash. And then the stinkin piledrivers kick in at 7:30am this morning! Maybe I’m complaining just a little, but not really. Things are just a bit painful right now. I hope I can get things cleaned up a bit before N gets home Sunday! cheers.

note to self

blog, I command thee to pop into my mind once again and remind me to go visit this homebrew wiki so that I make good on my next batch of beer (that I have the grain for already!).

Hawthorne Classic

Interesting event yesterday. My buddy Kevin, having built a small motorcross track in his backyard held the first (and, sadly last) annual Hawthorne Classic. Many individuals showed up with their 50 and 100cc dirt bikes to show their mettle in Kevin’s yard. Men, women, and children competed for the coveted awards. The weather was great, the Pabst stayed cold, nobody got hurt, and when the cops came, they left shortly afterwards and never came back. All of this near the heart of the schmancy Hawthorne district. I was happy to see that his house was bordered by the abode of some Chunk 666 fellows also, and they broke out some ludictous bikes for the dirt track as well. What fun!

parasite tail

I’ve been reading a book on parasites…or was, I put it down for awhile after I started having ‘parasite dreams.’ Abrichar sent me a nice link about one of the classic parasites, the tapeworm. Check it out, it’s a lighthearted romp through this guy’s intestinal tract you won’t want to miss. And the illustrations will just burrow into you retinas.

immersion study

This is an interesting article in which the author, a lefty, immerses himself in right wing media for 30 days, and discusses his feelings throughout. I listen to several right wing talk shows in a similar vein, and have made many similar findings personally. However, I tend to find both the left and right wing talk shows to be repetitive, biased, and lacking in significant objective insight. And they have too many commercials…I still listen to both, but not as much as I’d been trying to in the past. They just drove me nuts. The funny thing is, it seems like it comes down to who the heck you want to believe, and a few fundamental premises that you base your principles on. link via albatross.

MSN and the Romantic and the Family

They sure know how to make you feel special up in Redmond: Getting married? Find tips, tools and the latest trends at MSN Life Events. (from an MSN email footer). Maybe next they’ll have: Dying soon? Visit our online mortuary!

Well, it was a busy ole weekend. Had the matriarch side of my family up, and that’s always a good, exhausting time. My bro and I hit it pretty hard when we go out…though I was really good saturday night, mostly because I was pretty well spent from Thursday and Friday. The lot of us cruised around from restaurant to house to restaurant to gelato place, pretty much stuffing ourselves most of the time. I just wish that they weren’t so limited in food selection…pretty much just brewery food (Laurelwood, McMenamin’s are favorites)…and there’s so much more out there. But it was fun, it’s great to see my gramps, he’s a healthy dude, though he’d never admit it, and my mom, who is super-sweet. Friday, we ate ate Bella Facia, and then cruised back to my place for some beverages. I think we did a pretty good job on my uncle and ourselves, drinking scotch rocks (Famous Grouse) and Terminal Gravity IPAs. Saturday morning did not come kindly. And now I’m sad they’re all gone.