scared kitty

Poor poor kitty.

Not sure why I had to post that (thanks to daveed for the image), but prepping for the soccer tournament, actually showing up for work, and wistfully recalling my painful day windsurfing have been occupying all of my brain cycles that I’d normally dedicate to posting all the mega-clever material you’ve come to expect from me.

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  1. alright, so I’m now the #1 repository for “You make kitty scared” and it’s taking quite a bit of traffic. Beer drinker gets plenty from the internet community, so I’ll keep holding onto it. BUT I’ve lowered the quality of this pic…saves me about 10KB per transfer which is more than it sounds like. You can still get the original at Don’t tell the myspacers 😉

  2. hey!! that’s my friend’s cat!!!

    Kitty was actually just angry (doesn’t like being picked up)

    i think that was taken like 3 years ago 😀

    btw, the owner’s name is Ryan

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