ancient brewery

Hidden in the Andes, researchers excavated an ancient brewery.


Today is sysadmin appreciation day. I’d forgotten, but some people in our office didn’t, and they gave us cookies and yum-yums! Thanks all! Maybe I’ll go out to beers later too. Yeah, maybe.

Blue Oregon

Pretty sweet, a number of the more active local bloggers on local issues have put together Blue Oregon. So far it’s looking like a pretty darn good spot for editorial, and looking forward to it as a solid source for localish news. Check it out, it’s on the sidebar for future use.

Drop Top Amber

The Widmer Brothers are producing Drop Top Amber. This is an aromatic, lightly hopped amber ale with a well-rounded flavor. This beer is pleasant, but I’ve never considered it to be strikingly good. Tonite I am looking at it with a fresh and untainted eye. Weighing in at 4.85% ABV, I’d say that the Drop Top is a bit more ‘drinkable’ than several of its cousins in the amber market. It rolls across my tongue with a hint of the honey malt velvety sweetness, before effervescing into the great beyond, pleasant and discreet. The magnum bittering hops lend a light bitterness to this amber, complementing its low alcohol, medium body, and complex malt formula nicely. The aroma of this ale is a little off, and I believe that is where this beer’s weakness lies. I don’t feel that it prepares me for the flavors contained, the aroma is simple, perhaps a bit coarse, and doesn’t complement the beer on the front end very well.

Tonite I’ve gained a new appreciation for the Drop Top Amber. I am often surprised how different a beer can be between just grabbing it out of the fridge (or ordering off the tap!) and sitting down and getting a bit more intimate with it. Drop Top revealed a depth of character that I hadn’t previously recognized, and I’m happy about that. Especially since there are a few more sitting in the refrigerator. Overall, I’d say the the Widmer Brothers have done a fine job with this amber ale. Nothing exceptional, but it’s a pleasant alternative to the Full Sail that I love. And it’s nice to know that the Brother Widmer have a quality offering beyond the Hefeweizen. cheers!

Space ship

This is cool, sent by my grandad, pics of Space Ship One and its posse. The crowd pic at the start is pretty darn great too.