The great earth mother or God or somebody may be trying to say something. I don’t know, but it’s a pretty nifty view of the hurricane situation on Florida. (note: I hope that this tragedy ends with as little damage and suffering as possible). thx kruff.

kruff updated me, Snopes says this is a hoax.

Great News!

Beer is good for you! Maybe even better than wine. Or vitamins! Happy friday! It’s good to be healthy again…I think I battled off the remainder of my illness with several yummy beers last evening.

New Blogs

Came across a coupla cool blogs through Sun. Jonathan Scwartz is COO there and says lots of smart things. The DivaBlog is an open source advocate at Sun as well.

Voter Perspective

A perhaps depressing, perhaps enlightening article in the New Yorker on the Unpolitical Animal: we. The people. It discusses a number of ideas that I’d been kicking around for awhile, and introduced a lot of new ones to me as well. There are a few fantastic quotes in there as well.

freeway blogger

what a clever idea! It’s very retro to actually write. props Kurt, and happy friday from a sick beer drinker.