The great earth mother or God or somebody may be trying to say something. I don’t know, but it’s a pretty nifty view of the hurricane situation on Florida. (note: I hope that this tragedy ends with as little damage and suffering as possible). thx kruff.

kruff updated me, Snopes says this is a hoax.

Great News!

Beer is good for you! Maybe even better than wine. Or vitamins! Happy friday! It’s good to be healthy again…I think I battled off the remainder of my illness with several yummy beers last evening.

New Blogs

Came across a coupla cool blogs through Sun. Jonathan Scwartz is COO there and says lots of smart things. The DivaBlog is an open source advocate at Sun as well.

Voter Perspective

A perhaps depressing, perhaps enlightening article in the New Yorker on the Unpolitical Animal: we. The people. It discusses a number of ideas that I’d been kicking around for awhile, and introduced a lot of new ones to me as well. There are a few fantastic quotes in there as well.

The Office

Have you ever seen The Office? It’s this genius British comedy about an office run by this totally schmaltzy character, very funny but in a painful not laugh-out-loud way (leading to occasional explosions). Well, with Cheney’s recent terrorist comments methinks it could’ve been based on the USA. Holy cow. Vote for Kerry and be attacked by terrorists? Wow. They must’ve heard in the chatter that the bad guys are enjoying their Haliburton jobs and will stop at nothing to keep their sweetheart deals.

GOP embraces Amway

It was amazing…I watched a bit of the GOP convention, and it reminded me of an Amway convention. It was amazing, people applauding this talk of dreams and amazing wealth. They happily pay too much for the same old crap.

metal cyclopaedia

It’s here. It’s probably been here for awhile. But now you can look up you favorite bands, get their discography, and link to official and fansites. Check out the Encyclopaedia Metallum. I looked up Lacuna Coil immediately. Next I think I’ll check out Tesla, just to see if they count, and then maybe onto a few of the other great hard bands. thx albatross, and have a great long weekend!