Another Reason – NO ON 36!

Another reason to vote no on 36 (for non-Oregonians, 36 basically modifies the Oregon Constitution to explicitly state that marriage is between a man and a woman). One may enter Mary’s Club from El Grillo (which means the grillo) if one is 21 or over or accompanied by a spouse who is of legal age. Thus speaketh the sign. True story…but seriously, this measure is quite possible the one in which I have heard the least rational arguments for in my entire life. There is no viable reason to ban gay marriage even if your religion says that gays are going straight to hell. Marriage is an institution of love and commitment. Under the eye of the law, it is one of the most serious commitments available to two people. In the law, marriage is a legal state of being for two people. These people gain benefits under the law for their partnership. It is human nature to couple in this way (or something similar), so it makes perfect sense to accomodate it legally. Then there is the religious aspect. Due to the whole human nature thing, it also makes sense for religion to have something to say about it, bringing in restrictions and presents and stuff. Let the Catholic priests throw the first stone in that regard, but in any case religion and law really have nothing to do with each other.

Update: crap! I somehow wrote yes somewhere in the text. Just caught it and made it no. Like it should be. In case the context or the title didn’t give it away.