US passes judgement on election

What the heck? We have some nerve passing judgement on anybody else’s election at this time. Our elections over the last 4 years have been corrupt, failed disasters. And now we’re calling out the Ukraine? If we’re not able to do it right ourselves, we just need to STFU and go sit in the corner. And we couldn’t. Let’s figure out our elections mess for ourselves before we try to bring democracy to the world, because right now it’s just not working. So, do we laugh or do we cry?

Bridgeport Pearlization

coworker Stu has made me aware that the nearby (to work) Bridgeport pub will be closing for major renovations for ten months in order to pass more Pearl denzens through faster. I have to say that they’ve been on a downward spiral ever since they replaced the Far Side comics in the me’s room with those ads shortly before their 25th anniversary party. Which was followed by the implementation of table service. My word, the table service has been a disaster. I’ve had it take ten minutes to identify the fact that I’m not getting my beer. And the confusion. It’s a mess. But now they’re going to add a bakery and maybe a little Starbucks or something. It’ll be like a mini-mall. Well, at least On Deck opened across the street recently (despite being a wee bit spendy, especially for a “sports bar”), and the Low Brow (my favorite, but too smoky for some of my coworkers) is there and fabulous. And BP will still be selling kegs during the outage.

Brief Note to Wild Oats

It was some time ago that you purchased Nature’s from the local owners. good choice, great job! Nature’s continued to maintain the same level of service and similar pricing to when it was run locally. I remember an evening some years ago, going over my credit card bill and seeing a charge to ‘Wild Oats’. My first thought was that my card number had been stolen and somebody was using it for internet pr0n. I even called the card company. Together we were able to determine that my moolah didn’t go to Nature’s but to Wild Oats. That’s cool. But then you had this stupid ass idea. You needed to call Nature’s Wild Oats. Just to remind everybody who’s in charge. Not to mention the fact that the noncompete the original owners signed had expired and they were busily propelling their latest project, New Seasons, into the local markets. By now I’m sure that you’re feeling the crunch of New seasons. They recently opened a store some ten blocks from you on Division, and when I pass by, it looks packed, and you’re pretty empty. Changing the name was a bad idea. Here in Portland, we’re not just about the organic gourmet ingredients, we also like to support local farms, local people, and local businesses. We believe that it’s one of the things that makes us special. And a drive around other American cities might indicate something along those lines. So you can buy our stores, and run them, and if you do a good job we’ll generally support you, but the name change was a bit of a slap in the face. A wake-up call, perhaps. It’s not that we’re totally against your store. It’s that all things being equal we’re going to drive the extra mile to support the local folks.

election memories I

I have some fond memories of the election last Tuesday. The last one that comes to mind, thus the one I have to write about first is of the news report (NBC local @ JK’s local HQ, I think) relating the tragedy as it has recently occurred while two guys are making out good’n heavy in the background with some sly salsa dancing. Slowly the camera panned left until the reporter was at the far right of the picture, and then she sidestepped to the center. It was pretty cool!