Tragedy Strikes

It’s over. And not much good came out of it. W won the presidency, apparently fair and square. That’s what the people wanted, I guess. So now begins the great experiment. Four years of the same group with significantly less opposition, probably 1-2 supreme court nomination (maybe more….shiver). He now has the popular vote and the electoral vote, so he doesn’t feel obligated to play the middle like he did so well over the last four years, and his career politicking is done, all he is concerned with for next election is getting his brother in there. But no sour grapes here, there’s nothing more I can do about it now except keep watching and keep talking. I think Kerry would’ve done a good or even great jorb, but he failed to separate himself on the real issues. He really needed to take the gloves off. The amazing thing about W is the number of single-issue voters he gets. The zealots, the moralists (whatever that means), the reactionaries, the fearful. I think my favorite is the person who said that they were voting for Bush because Bush doesn’t have a litmus test.

The country is now theirs to do with as they will. I hope that I’m wrong and they do good. If so maybe they’ll have a convert, but sadly I don’t think it’s going to happen.

  • Dinah

    To the people of Oregon:

    How dare you? How dare you tell me I’m less than you? How dare you have me face every person I know, meet or interact with each day and wonder if they are part of the 56% of you who believe you are better than I – that you deserve rights I do not have.

    How dare you hide behind school children and make this issue about their “protection”. What about the children in school who question their own self-worth, their own sanity, because they don’t fit the mold?

    Do you feel safer now? Help me understand how preventing others from marrying protects your marriage? Are your marriages so fragile they can be shaken by the events of people you don’t even know?

    In a state where “live and let live” has always been the forefront of every argument, how can you justify this?

    Oregon has joined the ranks of Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Georgia, and South Carolina (to name a few) in progressing the cause of discrimination. Don’t ever dare joke about those states being ‘backwards’ and ‘ignorant’ again. Don’t ever dare think of yourself on a higher ground than those states that put politics in pulpits and bedrooms – that plaster religious documents in their courthouses and courtrooms. Don’t dare look with distain and distaste at states that allow a confederate flag to fly above their capitals. You are no better. I am appalled by your hypocrisy.

    Be ashamed of what you have done. Be ashamed of the level to which you have sunk.

    Dinah Smith
    Salem, OR

  • beerick

    That was part of the tragedy. 36 and 37 passing are both so sad. 36 for its bigotry and 37 for its greed. I’ve never in my life heard a good argument for measure 36. It’s a taint on our state. The forest protection bill failed as well. This is a sad day.

  • indy

    I was thinking about this and you could just call Gay marriage “gaymarriage,” and not marriage, and you can skirt the law. It’s not technically marriage, but that is what they want, right?

    This won’t be going away. The measures are discriminatory, oppressive, and could actually be harmful to states and their governments for attracting certain businesses that are pro-same-sex-union. Philadelphia, Boston, Cali come to mind. It’s estimate that gays are about 5-10% of the population, and my theory is that they will increase over time as nature’s method of population control.

    Another alternative is to start passing more defense of marriage acts where you *must* stay married for life, as marriage was originally intended to be. We’ll see how far the population will stick around for that one. It passes the logical test of everyone wanting to “defend” marriage. Doesn’t pass? Try again next year, in another state. eventually it will.

    Good times. Sad times. November 2nd 2004 was amongst the darkest days in the U.S. history.