The Next Four Years

As opposed as I was to so many of prezzo’s actions over the last four years, I feel that the best way to come through the disappointment of the election is to pull out a clean. Not a pessimistic slate. And not totally clean, but to treat this like a new day. Bush’s words make him sound like he’s going to try, but they have before. Perhaps he’s embracing the ‘centrist’ as I’ve heard it said on the strong right talk shows: religious right. I hope not, and I’m not going to start off that way, but I don’t want to get taken for a ride either. My thought is this: In 2000, Bush believed he won by the mandate of God, but in 2004 he was chosen by the American people. Thus he must appease a different constituency. So, George Bush do your best for America.

Here’s an interesting read with a similar opinion, more details and cynicism, and text of W’s recent speech.