Bridgeport Pearlization

coworker Stu has made me aware that the nearby (to work) Bridgeport pub will be closing for major renovations for ten months in order to pass more Pearl denzens through faster. I have to say that they’ve been on a downward spiral ever since they replaced the Far Side comics in the me’s room with those ads shortly before their 25th anniversary party. Which was followed by the implementation of table service. My word, the table service has been a disaster. I’ve had it take ten minutes to identify the fact that I’m not getting my beer. And the confusion. It’s a mess. But now they’re going to add a bakery and maybe a little Starbucks or something. It’ll be like a mini-mall. Well, at least On Deck opened across the street recently (despite being a wee bit spendy, especially for a “sports bar”), and the Low Brow (my favorite, but too smoky for some of my coworkers) is there and fabulous. And BP will still be selling kegs during the outage.

  • Nedra

    Freakin’ Lame! So much for the fab Pearl District

  • Andy

    I’m share the same lament as you. My wife and I have been sorrowful, annoyed, and angered by the changes we’ve seen in the last year or two at the Brewpub.

    Now we have to wait with people who probably won’t even notice the cask beer is served to cold because they’re not interested in cask beer because they’ve never heard of it. And they aren’t upset because of the changes, they’re just upset because they’re having to wait.

  • freerangehuman

    don’t worry your little liver. we still have amnesia, tugboat, rogue, caldera, mcmenamins, lucky lab, etc. i will miss their IPA though. :(