a quick thought

sorry, I’ve been trying to keep out of the political arena since I’m not that good at it. But this seems a bit messed up:

Iraqis are voting in the first free elections in half a century
as mortar and suicide attacks rattle polling booths in Baghdad
and beyond..(CNN news)

I totally agree that free elections are a good thing, but doesn’t it seem just a bit messed up that there are mortar and suicide attacks? I’ve said many many time here that however right the intention is that prezzo finally identified as his reason for going to war (wtf wmd?) the way that it was gone about was horribly horribly wrong. Nearly two years later I’ve still never seen a single reason strong enough that I should even consider bending on this one. And don’t get me wrong…I’ve never stated that we should never go to war with Iraq, only that we went about it terribly, in a frenzied mad dash for war, that we actually did need to consult and gain approval from other political entities (I still believe the CotW was a farce). It so pains me that our leadership is utterly incapable of stepping back and giving something a second thought. Elections really do not have to be this painful.

strange days

Yesterday was one of the more unique days of my life. It was my last day at Qsent, the culmination of my two weeks and a day notice. I experienced quite a range of emotions throughout the day, and into the night as I saw people who have been friends and coworkers for quite sometime, not for the last time, but for the last time in that phase of my existence. Leaving a good job at a good company filled with people you like that you’ve been at for four years is tough, but the good byes were great, and many people showed up at the wonderful (though smoky) Low Brow Lounge to bit farewell to the beer drinker. I’ve been the instigator for many a beer run, and fear that I’ve failed by not passing the torch. I’m sure that another will rise from the ashes of my cubicle. Today, I am free, and tomorrow I begin a new adventure at Nike. I have to say that I’m pretty excited…the apprehensiveness passed when I relinquished my key cards. Anyway, I wish the best to Qsent and my friends there.

warm front

Last night I got home and went with N to give Augie a walk…well we just cruised over to the school to toss the ball. Anyway, on the way out I noticed this warm breeze, I assumed it was one of those grates venting some warm air, because it was really warm. But on the way back home the air was still venting but there were no vents around. So I figured it was swamp gas and hurried home and locked the door before some swamp beast came and grabbed us.

fast year

I have no doubt that this is 2005 now. None of the usual last year being written down for the first 30 days or so. 2005 up and whacked me with a ‘luminum bat. Maybe it’s my NYE resolution: 2005 is gonna rock. It has, but wow, it’s been serious about it. I’ve done some heavy damage control with the men’s soccer team I manage…a player made some odd decisions that I didn’t like much and affected the team and that’s required a lot of work and is still ongoing. I’m making major work changes also. And I’ve been doing technical editing for a ‘small’ computer book publisher that you’ve certainly heard of. So I’m finally emerging a bit, but holy crap it’s started off with a bang.