a quick thought

sorry, I’ve been trying to keep out of the political arena since I’m not that good at it. But this seems a bit messed up:

Iraqis are voting in the first free elections in half a century
as mortar and suicide attacks rattle polling booths in Baghdad
and beyond..(CNN news)

I totally agree that free elections are a good thing, but doesn’t it seem just a bit messed up that there are mortar and suicide attacks? I’ve said many many time here that however right the intention is that prezzo finally identified as his reason for going to war (wtf wmd?) the way that it was gone about was horribly horribly wrong. Nearly two years later I’ve still never seen a single reason strong enough that I should even consider bending on this one. And don’t get me wrong…I’ve never stated that we should never go to war with Iraq, only that we went about it terribly, in a frenzied mad dash for war, that we actually did need to consult and gain approval from other political entities (I still believe the CotW was a farce). It so pains me that our leadership is utterly incapable of stepping back and giving something a second thought. Elections really do not have to be this painful.

  • http://zerosandones.beerdrinker.org/wordpress nader

    Painful elections…now that’s something GW really knows something about

  • Brad

    What happen Sunday, voting despite the mortar and suicide attacks, was one of the most powerful things I’ve ever seen and probably ever will see. Why try to dismiss its important with WMD, GW, CotW, yada, yada, yada? Its OK to say America did a good thing Sunday and let it stand at that.

  • jimmy jojo shabadoo

    i am waiting for whomever wins to be
    assassinated. won’t that stir up the ol’
    poop stew.