I’ve been in Anaheim all week long at a convention. It’s been pretty cool, I came down with one other fella. Being a convention we had minor convention-like adventures, including, but not limited to:

  • eating at the mall
  • drinking at the mall
  • wearing a name tag
  • drinking at a bar named after something baseball
  • competing to obtain the most useful/cool/bizarre free crap

Yes, there were adventures a-plenty. On Tuesday we went to Disney’s California Adventure, where the food and rides were free, but the beer had a shorter line (and was free too…eat your heart out OLCC!). I yelled “But at least it had Harvey Keitel’s wiener” unknowingly in front of the waitress at the sportily named bar. I met a German at a bus stop that neither of us were trying to catch. He and I drove to Hunington Beach and had tacos with what would’ve been an ocean view if it wasn’t dark. I learned a ton about SAP (Portal and more) but that’s not interesting to read. And I’m pretty saturated right now. I rode next to nobody interesting on the airplane. I ate nothing but tacos on Wednesday. Including late the night before. I don’t count fruit. I met tons of interesting people from around the world and exchanged business cards. I’d rather have them over for pizza. I held a trivia contest— Q: What movie is Zip-a-dee-doo-dah from? (no fair googling). It took quite awhile before we found a winner, and then there was no prize. I bought a book on SAP and got another for free! I asked questions ranging from inane to off-topic. I came home with a funny beer story to share, and maybe a foto to go with it. I don’t think I ate anything bizarre for money. cheers.

  • Amanda

    I miss you!!! I like the travelogue. Was it Mary Poppins?