Alberta Public House

so the Alberta Public House isn’t new. Not like the Concordia. It also doesn’t have the beer selection of the Concordia. But I still like the place. It’s totally chill, a geographical mess (on the inside), and full of pigs. The pink cartoon kind. They have some fun music, a good patio, and pretty alright food. Their happy hour (OLCC, can I say that?) last until 8pm on weekdays, which means that even after driving back in from the ‘tron I can still have time to get my happy swerve on for a discount.

The Alberta Public House has been a regular stop for the Cocks in the Henhouse lately, and that’s not a bad thing because they’re a pretty fun show, I’ve now caught them at Amnesia, Alberta PH, and some party full of med students that my buddy made a crapload of hotwings at (inspired by the ones from FotM the day before, but totally different, and friggin grubbin).

The Alberta PH has a good mix of beers on tap, not the downtown standards. The people there are quite friendly, and that lends to its nice, chill atmosphere. Another nice thing about it is that you don’t have to listen to the music. The building is solidly divided into two sides, in fact…here’s a tip—want a beer or the can upon entering? Go left. The patio is covered, and ultrabright heat lamps can be utilized as well. The Alberta Public House is at 1036 NE Alberta Street in Portland, OR. Definitely worth checking out. Oh, and they have a decent selection of whiskies as well as other liquors for a-mixin.