Everyday Wine

The first wine bar to be featured on beerdrinker, Beth’s sweet little shop just east of the light at 15th and Alberta is quite possibly the ideal wine bar. In the back are comfy chairs to recline while on whilst sipping your favorite Spanish wine (or whatever) if you can convince Porter (the sweet lab) to share. The chair, not the wine. Everyday Wine focuses on quality affordable wines…very few bottles are over $30, with many fine choices under ten bucks! Of course there’s a nominal corkage/glassware/whatever fee, but it is like $5 so it’s lower than anywhere I’ve heard of. And sometimes there are PMS nights (Porter’s Monthly Special), and you might be lucky enough to have no corkage fee. Get on her list for that.

On the way to Everyday Wine, I recommend stopping by Bella Facia to pick up a coupla slices, or Halibut’s for some fish and chips (is fish n’ chips legal to have with wine?), or EZ Grill for some tasty bento. Get it to go, Everyday Wine does not serve food, so bring your own.

I’ve celebrated highs and lows at Everyday Wine. Beth hosted an elections viewing night. That was a bummer, but the wine helped to soften the blow. Then I had my birthday there, and that was huge fun! But you can just go and hang out, and scratch Porter’s ears and listen to the sweet tunes blaring out of the tiny Bose.

  • http://freed.dyndns.org Andy

    Wow – we should team up – I’m working on getting the alberta digs on a page with menus mostly for my own use, but also in hopes that Google’s maps will improve once it’s been crawled by the googlebots.


  • rick

    cool! I’ll certainly link you. Maybe we should grab a pint at one of the local spots and figure out how/if a collaboration would work…browsing your site, it looks like we have some similar interests. cheers.