Fire on the Mountain

I totally dig Fire on the Mountain. It’s a smallish hotwings joint down on Interstate just south of Skidmore (and a bit north of the Alibi on the other side of the street) that serves up some honest friggin food. Honest because it’s good. Honest because it’s fried. And honest because it’s hot. Sara and Jordan deliver some 12 plus flavors of wings, ranging for sweet BBQ to jerk to El Jefe, with spicy peanut, mild and medium, and raspberry habanero in between. In addition, they offer some fun fried twists…twinkies, bananas, fantastic friest, and more. If you travel with the vegetarian crowd, they’ve got some Portland wings, but I’m not going there. Just so you know. There’re also some great salads (did I just say that?).

But, back on a more serious note, whether you’re slammin down a dozen wings or twenty (personal best: 22. I think I can do better) you’re gonna need to grease the wheels with a yummy barley soda, and they’ve done a great job at selecting good, local brews to compliment they’re food. Sip on a Caldera, Sierra Nevada, Roots, or Amnesia brew to the lush sounds of Widespread Panic (methinks somebody’s a fan) while trying to determine what flavor hotwing Jimi Hendrix is eating in your Jefe high…and believe me, the Jefe does elevate…tearing the succulent flesh off of a jerk chicken wing is satisfying unlike anything else on Interstate (under $20).

So, if you’re into hot food, beer, Panic, or chicken, get your ass down to FotM cuz it rocks hardcore. Ricks recommended flavors: jerk, x-hot, and raspberry habanero with a side of jefe, and a satisfying pale ale or IPA to send it skyward. cheers!

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  1. Linsel was just raving about them to me the other day; he went for the first time last week and absolutely adored it.

    I’ll post back after I’ve been there, because I will be your token veggie wing sampler.

  2. I’ve been going there since their opening. From an upstate New Yorker who has eaten countless wings from a young age, I can vouch to the quality of the wings. However even after a few months I find problems with their consistency of service and food, and have determined the best time to be there is when they are not too crowded and Jordan is cooking. When he is not there the service can be just as bad as most other PDX places…

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