Disaster Strikes

Today had been going pretty well until Fritz sent me this. Let’s just hope that we never face something like this again. The shattered dreams, broken souls, where are they now?

Beer Disaster

  • Beery Beer Beer


  • http://mind.fumtu.com gatowlion

    Usually I´m against death penalty, but the that did this makes me thinking of a suspension of principles.

  • http://www.theweddingparty05.blogspot.com Shane

    Why? Why? Just fucking why!?!

  • rick

    links to this picture are eating too much bandwidth as explained here.

    Follow that link if you’d like the original, but you’ll have to read it.

  • Tommy B From NYC

    Its a crime against Humanity!!! A horrible day in Man history.

  • beerdrinkers unite

    who let this happen ?…PARTY FOUL !!

  • brendan

    i would walk over broken glass for a beer…

  • brendan

    this is my second post for this.
    i just cant get over …it.
    i feel sort of sick.
    if this happened here in australia heads would roll.