The Spare Room

The Spare Room (NE 42nd and Alberta) used to be a bowling alley, so legend tells us. Far far removed from the kingpin now, this northeast dancehall mecca sports two bars (one active), a fireplace in the pool room, karaoke, and video poker. With its mirrors, and twinkling lights, the Larry and Terri lounge act, and older crowd, I believe that this would be David Lynch’s favorite spot. By no means is that meant to disparage The Spare Room, but instead to highlight just how different it is. The beer selection lacks a bit, they do have a Jager chiller, some whiskies, some liquor concoctions, but who could ask for anything different? Ladies, be aware that on dancing nights, you quite likely will be asked to dance. Also, this is a smoking establishment. And watch your language…the bar manager lurks, and she’ll getcha. I do recommend getting by the Spare Room, and probably soon, because it looks like Larry and Terri are moving on to other endeavors, and I cannot speak to the replacement act. Yet. They play Thursday-Saturday, and either Wednesday (ladies night, I believe) or Sunday or both.

Tuesday is when I tend to find Karaoke there, the first time being last November for the election. What a sad, surreal day that was for me. Anyway, having left Everyday Wine, Kieran and I cruised up to The Spare Toom to drown our sorrows and watch the election coverage, in hopeless want of a change in the events. Half an hour into the same same more more coverage on ABC or whoever, a lady with a US flag came and commandeered our television, apologetically. Karaokee was beginning. While not up for singing myself, nor was Kieran, some stalwort folk busted out some truly memorable Karaokee. Most notable was the sweet older lady sqeaking out The Candyman Can. At a point we laughed, I klnow it sounds terrible and rude, but the absurdity of the situation truly overtook us. We applauded, nearly in tears for sadness and sideways. All had a good time. I was surprised at how sympathetic to our cause the bar denizens were.

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