Mash Tun prelim

I must be blind. I’ve driven past it the last three days. They’ve been open. The Mash Tun opened on Tuesday on NE Alberta and 22nd (just south of alberta). They have only ‘guest taps’ now, but the brewing area is mostly setup, or at least there’s a bunch of shiny copper. The folks working there were busy (a bit more slammed than they were used to) but very friendly, and I got my beer plenty fast. Maybe it helps to sit at the center of the bar. The space is nice. The ceilings are tall, the floor is cement. It’s a very social atmosphere. More on the food and beer next time, I just had to drop in. cheers.


been super busy at work lately. Doesn’t mean I haven’t been drinking beer, just been taking in the waning summer too much lately to write about it. I haven’t even brewed in awhile. Go Timbers.

Elysian Avatar and Pelican India Pelican Ale

[12:42] m8ryx: ok, I had an amazing beer last night
[12:42] m8ryx: avatar from Elysian
[12:42] m8ryx: it’s a jasmine IPA
[12:50] anners: where did you have the beer?
[12:51] m8ryx: home…it was a random pickup at new seasons
[12:51] anners: ah
[12:51] m8ryx: look for it tho, it’s really pleasant
[12:51] m8ryx: the jasmine is very subtle
[12:52] m8ryx: not like in your face “I got Jasmine!”
[12:52] anners: 🙂
[12:53] m8ryx: you have much pelican left over?
[12:53] m8ryx: they make a yummy beer too
[12:53] anners: yup… john bottled it up and now i need to pawn it off on ppl… want some? 🙂
[12:54] m8ryx: uh. lemme think
[12:54] m8ryx: I like beer!
[12:54] m8ryx: beer likes me!
[12:54] m8ryx: we can live in harmony!
[12:55] anners: okie dokie… ill bring some tomorrow
[12:55] m8ryx: we should just fill the fridge with it here, and then we can take it out to the patio and consume it instead of the blahblahblah they’ve got
[12:56] m8ryx: then again, that might be frowned upon.
[12:56] m8ryx: have a camelback?
[12:56] anners: 🙂
[12:56] anners: i have one
[12:56] m8ryx: camelback, know thine nature!

so, they’re both super. I was really astonished by the quality of the Avatar and recommend running out and grabbing a botlle right now. Really, drop everything. Do it.

[18:42] annersjr: have you had elysian’s jasmine ipa?
[18:42] dliebson17: no
[18:42] annersjr: it is good
[18:42] annersjr: rick gave me a bottle
[18:45] dliebson17: damn, i wish my cowokers gave me beer