Elysian Avatar and Pelican India Pelican Ale

[12:42] m8ryx: ok, I had an amazing beer last night
[12:42] m8ryx: avatar from Elysian
[12:42] m8ryx: it’s a jasmine IPA
[12:50] anners: where did you have the beer?
[12:51] m8ryx: home…it was a random pickup at new seasons
[12:51] anners: ah
[12:51] m8ryx: look for it tho, it’s really pleasant
[12:51] m8ryx: the jasmine is very subtle
[12:52] m8ryx: not like in your face “I got Jasmine!”
[12:52] anners: :)
[12:53] m8ryx: you have much pelican left over?
[12:53] m8ryx: they make a yummy beer too
[12:53] anners: yup… john bottled it up and now i need to pawn it off on ppl… want some? :)
[12:54] m8ryx: uh. lemme think
[12:54] m8ryx: I like beer!
[12:54] m8ryx: beer likes me!
[12:54] m8ryx: we can live in harmony!
[12:55] anners: okie dokie… ill bring some tomorrow
[12:55] m8ryx: we should just fill the fridge with it here, and then we can take it out to the patio and consume it instead of the blahblahblah they’ve got
[12:56] m8ryx: then again, that might be frowned upon.
[12:56] m8ryx: have a camelback?
[12:56] anners: :)
[12:56] anners: i have one
[12:56] m8ryx: camelback, know thine nature!

so, they’re both super. I was really astonished by the quality of the Avatar and recommend running out and grabbing a botlle right now. Really, drop everything. Do it.

[18:42] annersjr: have you had elysian’s jasmine ipa?
[18:42] dliebson17: no
[18:42] annersjr: it is good
[18:42] annersjr: rick gave me a bottle
[18:45] dliebson17: damn, i wish my cowokers gave me beer

  • http://abrichar.livejournal.com Amanda

    JASMINE IPA? Egads! Really!?

    Where the hell is Elysian? Is this local?

    Freaking out, must taste… how did you finally lure me into a beer frenzy after all these years? Where/when can I get it? Aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh……………….

  • rick

    heh. They’re in Seattle, I’ve enjoyed several of their beers in the past. I hope y’all got out there, cuz my local New Seasons sold out of ’em tonite when I walked out with a case and 2 chilled bottles. That’s the on on 33rd and Killingsworth, just so’s you don’t waste your time. And yo-manda, I’ll hook you up.

  • http://abrichar.livejournal.com Amanda

    So I got the last 20 oz bottle from the Interstate/Portland Blvd New Seasons a week ago. And they still don’t have any more. I’m traumatized and a bit anxious now. Must.have.jasmine.

    When are we hanging out, eh?