Mash Tun prelim

I must be blind. I’ve driven past it the last three days. They’ve been open. The Mash Tun opened on Tuesday on NE Alberta and 22nd (just south of alberta). They have only ‘guest taps’ now, but the brewing area is mostly setup, or at least there’s a bunch of shiny copper. The folks working there were busy (a bit more slammed than they were used to) but very friendly, and I got my beer plenty fast. Maybe it helps to sit at the center of the bar. The space is nice. The ceilings are tall, the floor is cement. It’s a very social atmosphere. More on the food and beer next time, I just had to drop in. cheers.

  • Andy

    I stopped by on opening night and was pleased by the beer selection in the interum. Can’t complain when you only have to walk a few blocks to get an Amnesia IPA :)

    We made the mistake of sitting in the dead center of the room. It was a litttle too loud and after a day of talking, my wife and I could barely hear each other.

    I was surprised to see smoking at the bar, but I guess I’ve just grown used to there not being any smoking. The only two places I ever go that allow smoking have been New Old Lompoc and Horse Brass.

    Still, I’m ready to try it out again. Especially when I can take my dog.

  • Dave Daly

    I’ve been going to that cafe on 24th and Alberta and then The Know on 20th and Alberta for awhile now, I’ve been loving the Iron City over there. Nice happy hour at The Know, $1 for PBR tallboys and those large ass Iron City bottles. 5-7 pm every damn day!