Rogue Uber Pilsner

You don’t see pilsners popping through here too often. I don’t have anything against pilsners as people, but I just don’t generally like them as much as ales, so that is more often what I have in my rotation. But in any case, I was happily gifted with the Uber Pilsner on my birthday so long ago, and checking in the crisper (not just for vegetables anymore!) I came across this beauty.

So, first of this isn’t some crappy American-style Budweiser (ok, an ice cold one’s still good on a hot day, but there are better options once you’ve finished your ‘soda’). The first thing I noticed was the color, a true golden hue, with some depth, and a very slight haze. The aroma is light and sweet.

Taking a sip, the Pilsner is smooth up front, very refreshing, and then delivers a swift kick to the back of the tongue, with a sharp hoppiness that I appreciate. With a nice medium body, Uber Pilsner delivers a full lager taste without the wispiness of an American pilsner.

At 5.3% ABV, this is much stronger than your father’s pilsner, and I’m finding the 22oz size to be perfect for warming up on a cool Portland fall night, as I’m really dragging my heals in getting to the winter ales…I’m not nearly satisfied with my consumption of the harvest beers yet! Put the Jubel away! But anyway, back to the Rogue Uber Pilsner. I really enjoy this one. I’ve shied away from the Urquell in the past couple years, and would choose this one any day over it. Though I hear Pilsner Urquell is a bit different in Europe…aren’t they all though? By the way, the Rogue Brewery in Newport is a must-visit for any beer drinkers passing through Oregon. cheers!

Arrested Arrested

This is sad: Arrested Development is getting canned.

Dear Fox,

You create and maintain some great shows. 24 has been awesome, Prison Break is good, The Simpsons is a classic, Family Guy is amazing. But Arrested Development. Please don’t do it. Keep Arrested Development. Sometimes a joke comes to me days later. I laugh at strange times thanks to your show. Keep it. Laugh at me laughing. The characters are amazing. The plots are ridiculous. The depth of creativity unprecedented. Don’t allow another tragedy like Freaks and Geeks. Unlike animation, the actors change, so you can’t go back. Keep Arrested Development. You can get rid of that cooking show, I don’t hate it, but I certainly don’t love it.


Ayinger Celebrator

The first in my series of birthday beer reviews is Ayinger’s famous Doppelbock, Celebrator. Honestly, I’ve never had it before, so now I offer serious thanks to Wally and crew for this gift. What a fantastic Ale! The malt and hops meld prefectly to create a great beer drinking experience…the 6.7% ABV is definitely not obvious, and is almost understated. Pouring this German brew into my beer glass, the head formed beautifully, about thumbnail thick, light, but not creamy. The aroma is sweet, of roasted malt, not hoppy. Tilting it back for a swallow I was really amazed at how smooth this beer is, lightly hopped to balance the sweetness of the malts, the carbonation marrying my tongue leaving just the full smooth liquid to swallow, the flavor clear but not sticky, leaving behind a light estery aftertaste. Holding the glass to the light, it is truly a deep amber, very clear, pretty dark.

I can see how this one became so popular. Between its flavor, smooth character, full body, and fairly high alcohol content, it packs a puch while remaining easy drinking and quite refreshing. I can certainly imagine slamming a few and getting into a polka or two. Or a sausage eat! But enought about me, I really recommend that you stop screwing around right now and go pick up a bottle of this. And if you’re in the neighborhood, grab 2 (or 4!) and stop by, I’d be up for enjoying a bit more, and I’ve got the place to myself!

Broomball bday

Just recovering from a kickass broomball party last night. Lots of good friends and new friends showed up, and we drank my keg ‘o homebrew and a pony of India Pelican Ale, a very tasty IPA, with plenty of hops and flavor. I received many nice bottles of beer, so look forward to some reviews in the days to come…I have to reclaim some space in the fridge (I’ve had worse problems tho!). The party started early, at 7pm so that we could get a good buzz on before hitting the ice—mostly with knees and elbows. Unlike previous years, they did not allow us to put the keg out on to the ice, bummer. We’ll need to come up with a workaround on that one. At 10 we started the fierce broomball action. Everyone looked to have a great time amidst the chaos. Bristles vs. Synthetics was how we divided the teams up. It was a fairly even match, the Synthetics having a strong gang up at the forward making some beautiful plays, but the Bristles turned it up with great team play and pressure, and (adding one more lie to the ole interweb) I’m sure the Bristles came out on top.

I had one goal. It was a cheap one…the Synthetics defender was on the goal line and had stopped the ball with his feet, it was trapped between them, with him facing towards their goal, me directly at his back. I gave him a gentle shove, he landed on the goalie, and I wailed the ball into the net. With my foot even. GOAL!!!

After the broomball, we got to watch the Zamboni and finish our beers (they sold us some), before heading back to my place to finish the keg and work on the other beers. Sometime after 3 I made some man and cheese, Dave and I ate it, then I fell asleep in the comfy chair and Dave crashed on the couch. Luckily work paged me at 4am to tell me everything was OK, so I was able to wake up and move to my bed.

We neglected to take a camera along, so no pics unless someone else took one. Oh, well, I’m sure that the memories will last a lifetime. Like a Puppy Chow commercial, but more ice and hurting. cheers! And thanks everyone for making it a fun as heck party, and maybe sometime I can drag some family up here to check it out.

what’s a little debt?

Wow. Is this true? prezzo has borrowed 1.05 trillion dollars, which is as much as the previous 42 presidents combined. Holy crap. That’s pretty scary. It’s a lot of money. It’s basically around 5000 bucks per american. Sweet. And now he wants to get rid of my mortgage interest writeoff. That writeoff is huge for the middle class (which I work hard to maintain my membership in), and the loss will dwarf any gain I ever saw in his tax cuts. This is evidence that they really were entirely for the rich (in case you had any doubts whatsoever). cheers.

The Sandy Hut

I visited the Sandy Hut for the first time last night. Well, the first time this week. Shuffleboard, strong drinks, and lively hipster fusion make the handy near and dear to my heart. For all I can tell, nothing has changed about this place since the 70s. The interior is classic drab, the exterior is some forgotten lavender, which ghostly writing advertising steamers and great food and such. But this place is friendly. Whether somebody is heads down getting their drink on, chatting up one of the bartenders, or engaged in some quality pool or shuff, it’s all good natured. You probably have the strong beverages and the regulars to thank for that. I have to say that the beer selection is a bit wanting, with Coors, Ropewalk, and something else not too appealing on tap, but the PBRs are cold and cheap. The tunes are of the rockin style, some classic metal, some recent stuff, but on a Friday night you probably won’t notice the music anyway.