The Sandy Hut

I visited the Sandy Hut for the first time last night. Well, the first time this week. Shuffleboard, strong drinks, and lively hipster fusion make the handy near and dear to my heart. For all I can tell, nothing has changed about this place since the 70s. The interior is classic drab, the exterior is some forgotten lavender, which ghostly writing advertising steamers and great food and such. But this place is friendly. Whether somebody is heads down getting their drink on, chatting up one of the bartenders, or engaged in some quality pool or shuff, it’s all good natured. You probably have the strong beverages and the regulars to thank for that. I have to say that the beer selection is a bit wanting, with Coors, Ropewalk, and something else not too appealing on tap, but the PBRs are cold and cheap. The tunes are of the rockin style, some classic metal, some recent stuff, but on a Friday night you probably won’t notice the music anyway.

  • moistee

    Long Live The Handy Slut!!!!!

  • rick

    have I seen you there before?

  • moistee

    i’m the one next to clutter….