Ayinger Celebrator

The first in my series of birthday beer reviews is Ayinger’s famous Doppelbock, Celebrator. Honestly, I’ve never had it before, so now I offer serious thanks to Wally and crew for this gift. What a fantastic Ale! The malt and hops meld prefectly to create a great beer drinking experience…the 6.7% ABV is definitely not obvious, and is almost understated. Pouring this German brew into my beer glass, the head formed beautifully, about thumbnail thick, light, but not creamy. The aroma is sweet, of roasted malt, not hoppy. Tilting it back for a swallow I was really amazed at how smooth this beer is, lightly hopped to balance the sweetness of the malts, the carbonation marrying my tongue leaving just the full smooth liquid to swallow, the flavor clear but not sticky, leaving behind a light estery aftertaste. Holding the glass to the light, it is truly a deep amber, very clear, pretty dark.

I can see how this one became so popular. Between its flavor, smooth character, full body, and fairly high alcohol content, it packs a puch while remaining easy drinking and quite refreshing. I can certainly imagine slamming a few and getting into a polka or two. Or a sausage eat! But enought about me, I really recommend that you stop screwing around right now and go pick up a bottle of this. And if you’re in the neighborhood, grab 2 (or 4!) and stop by, I’d be up for enjoying a bit more, and I’ve got the place to myself!