Arrested Arrested

This is sad: Arrested Development is getting canned.

Dear Fox,

You create and maintain some great shows. 24 has been awesome, Prison Break is good, The Simpsons is a classic, Family Guy is amazing. But Arrested Development. Please don’t do it. Keep Arrested Development. Sometimes a joke comes to me days later. I laugh at strange times thanks to your show. Keep it. Laugh at me laughing. The characters are amazing. The plots are ridiculous. The depth of creativity unprecedented. Don’t allow another tragedy like Freaks and Geeks. Unlike animation, the actors change, so you can’t go back. Keep Arrested Development. You can get rid of that cooking show, I don’t hate it, but I certainly don’t love it.


  • jojo
  • jojo
  • bill b

    This is a shame indeed. I try not to watch too much TV, but AD is/was a great show. At least we got more episodes than Freaks and Geeks (which was awesome, although I was not aware of it until the guy at my local (independent) video store reccomended the DVD’s to us.

    Sometimes the great programs never catch on, sometimes the mediocre ones go on forever. I wish there could be some kind of free agency system with television programs where another network could bid on shows that are canned by other networks. I would think that anyone from HBO to Comedy Central to Apple iTunes could have a good run with the Arrested Development franchise.

  • jimmy jojo
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    In the News: Arrested Development, Robert Blake Verdict and More!
    Friday, November 18, 2005

    HYSTERICAL DEVELOPMENT: Leave it to Arrested Development to mine the tragedy of its imminent death for laughs. Per Variety, series creator Mitch Hurwitz is planning an episode that will poke fun at Fox’s decision to reduce the show’s episode order from 22 to 13, effectively canceling it. In the episode, titled “S.O.B.” for “Save Our Bluths,” the Bluth clan considers throwing a fund-raiser to save their construction company from shutting down. In one scene, Jason Bateman’s Michael notes, “Our backs are against the wall…. It’s just hard for me to accept that it’s really come to begging.” There’s even a conversation about whether the Home Builders Organization — HBO — might be willing to come to their rescue. That idea is quickly nixed though, leading George Sr. to say, “I guess it’s Showtime. We’ll put on some kind of show at the [fund-raiser].” Meanwhile, after reading this item on, the American public released the following statement: “Huh? I don’t get that last joke. I told you this show was dumb.”

  • rick

    jimmy jojo, I couldn’t view it through your website, but it’s a wmv and I just downloaded it from them directly:

    Leave a comment if that fails y’all too and I’ll make it available from here.