Rogue Uber Pilsner

You don’t see pilsners popping through here too often. I don’t have anything against pilsners as people, but I just don’t generally like them as much as ales, so that is more often what I have in my rotation. But in any case, I was happily gifted with the Uber Pilsner on my birthday so long ago, and checking in the crisper (not just for vegetables anymore!) I came across this beauty.

So, first of this isn’t some crappy American-style Budweiser (ok, an ice cold one’s still good on a hot day, but there are better options once you’ve finished your ‘soda’). The first thing I noticed was the color, a true golden hue, with some depth, and a very slight haze. The aroma is light and sweet.

Taking a sip, the Pilsner is smooth up front, very refreshing, and then delivers a swift kick to the back of the tongue, with a sharp hoppiness that I appreciate. With a nice medium body, Uber Pilsner delivers a full lager taste without the wispiness of an American pilsner.

At 5.3% ABV, this is much stronger than your father’s pilsner, and I’m finding the 22oz size to be perfect for warming up on a cool Portland fall night, as I’m really dragging my heals in getting to the winter ales…I’m not nearly satisfied with my consumption of the harvest beers yet! Put the Jubel away! But anyway, back to the Rogue Uber Pilsner. I really enjoy this one. I’ve shied away from the Urquell in the past couple years, and would choose this one any day over it. Though I hear Pilsner Urquell is a bit different in Europe…aren’t they all though? By the way, the Rogue Brewery in Newport is a must-visit for any beer drinkers passing through Oregon. cheers!